Hey look out for that moving van, driving down the street…

You better lock up your man, before he meets:

The new girl in town~

Harhar. I wish I could edit the “Read more” break like you can in LJ (about the only thing I could ever do on LJ to be honest.)

Anyways, my friend Nicole came to visit this weekend and said that I should start a blog, as Tumblr just doesn’t cut it. (But I’ve curated it so!) So, voila, a blog.

URL is not a misspelling by the way. I’m currently reading The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath and it has been shelved in my “Life Books”. (Books that I’m absolutely, absolutely in love with and have changed me/my view in some way.)

So that’s where that came from… and I really enjoy puns.

Let’s see… it took me about two hours to configure all the settings to get to the posting part (I’m still so confused!!) But this blog will basically be my ramblings, “fiction” that I write, photos, reviews… just a collage of stuff.

OH! And my name is Cat. My other online aliases are usually hellocatty.

Today's featured image is from Tumblr.

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