Eventful Saturday, low key Sunday. Just how I like it.

I’m still trying to sort out fact from fiction (definitely ordered pizza, definitely was gypped by my cabbie.) Also trying to fiddle with my scanner to up my Polaroids.

Woke up at 7AM with a throbbing headache, then woke up officially at 10ish downed a lot of OJ and some crackers, made the smart decision to not take Naproxen for my headache (by the way does that work?) And now I have Mother’s springroll with this rice flour thing with bean sprouts and I’m content.

It’s too hot to venture outside, so I’ll spend my day planning my week and organizing my e-books. Possibly my music collection if I feel up to it.

I have a mad urge to listen to a lot of Kpop all of a sudden.

Oh, and Neopets. I have neglected them so…

Yes, I am 24.

Today's featured image comes from Fashion & Film

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