How do you think people thought up showers? Why did they make it like rain? Is this another thing that happened years ago? Like was it trendy: times are getting modern (insert image of robots doing stuff for humans- 50s cartoon style; white blue orange grey palette) but don’t forget your roots! Its like bathing in rain water! (lush greenery and cartoon jane) its the longest trend in the world.
You know what happens when you feel perfectly content?
(btw that feels like youre in space just floating plachdly in a bubble in a karaoke mv of nature [shitty corny mesr but beautiful cuz we content dawg])
Anywyas when you feel perfectly content you tap into your inner power that gets suppressed by real life stress
My power i7 that i can control my body temperature. I can nwnw stay at the perfect temp at all times. That means I will always be comfortable
Ive tapped into my regular minframe. And touched my stores of heat that always produced the fetching swirls of perfect pink in my cheeks. That in the winter made me friends because always liked to touch me because i was always toasty and roasty rosy
Anyways tapped into thj my body temp always bubbled a little higher than others. And in my cootent state mastered the heat. Controled in. Spread it acro77 my body in smooth waves like a butter kinfe spreading peanut butter on toast in a kraft peanut butter commercial
When ive attaine d the perfect content and relaxation mood my body temp is always hot enough to keep me warm but not stifling and feels super smooth with the silken tresses of ais through a fan
The palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet capable of drawing up balls of fire– youd be surprised at what you can do and where youcan go when you can throw fireballs and burn.
Now the sad thing is that we cantstay in this zone indffinately how to applz thn skills atained from conent space?
Why how did you get those powers hn the first place?
You tapped into your skill! And mastered it. You can do the same IRL it just takes channeling up your fireballs(thats mine its an exaple yours would be fiff) diff. And getting to your destination
And then…
See what i did there?
Its so meta right?
#blowyourmind #blewyourmind #meta #swidt #peptalk #followyourdream #youhaveitinyou #acknowledgeyourpower #fire #maybebecauseiamanaries #power #stronger
Keshas so fab.
Money money MON-EY monay!
Thats such a cute username. Can you imagine a twitter/tumblr?
Id reblop a lot of white grey and pastel pictures
And pastel of oceans and girls with long hair with flower crowns and flowers
And uo clothes/bags and toms
And dumb quotes on images oe. Forests at sunset
Like: And your whispered mingled with the air, “ill never let you go”
My elbows are on fire
Im going to do an experiment. Dont be alarmed it wont hurt you even though youre connected to my brain. I see your reactions and hear them rn
(sidebar: how weird does “youre” look” why don’t we just use “yore” ?)
2n you un3qtand tgs?
Ha my experiment worked! You can! Tetxting youw ill bf easier now!
Ive come full cirble and moved back in time to the beginning of your texting journey. Im actually getting the time back! You thought this story was about you? No its about me! Tapping into my potential, my power and rise up now i know what may be. I am getting a do over. Just wanted to let you know. Xoxo
Goodbye Janet. Youve made my time here quite nice, but now for me to go back im time and fix my wrongs. Im sure well meet again.
Going back in time feels so good. Purple and black galaxies (marking coulours) sprinkled with stars, scattered with twinkles and a dusting of milky ways
You bigger than the universe floating in a placid river of royal blue sunseting into purple colour. Passing lands of made of candy like wreck it ralph and countrie7 of western cartoons
Its slow moving, toward the vortex of light tinged with blue and pink, spiralling into ugliness
The water looks milky when it splashes the rushing sounds of rapids in your ears
Back in time i go.
Because going into the past is beautiful, but ugly. Its mever as it seems its slow moving because it already happening andit takes time to pull you back because youve grown since then
Think. Accept. Live.
Aw snap found my motto yo!

Man I got really verbose and descriptive. There are some kernels here…(Despite the spelling/grammatical errors. Retyped everything as was sent from my phone.)

Today's featured image is from Fashion & Film

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