Letter of Reassurance:

You need to stop whining and moaning about your circumstances because you’ve got it good kid. Yes, it’s cliche but you’re a lot better off than the majority of the world and you’re even better off than those you envy because you know, you know that they wouldn’t be able to last one second. You’ve gained a hell of a lot of strength, determination and grit and you should use it more often you big baby.
Use it, use all that you have and know and make something from it because you can, you know you can you’re just letting all that fear and laziness take over because it’s easy and I hate to break it to you kid, but this is not the time for you to take the easy way out. And you’ll never reach that easy time unless you work for it now.
Remember that time you analyzed that poem and taught Mr. Burrows something? Remember that look on his face when he realized what you were saying? Remember how he rushed off to show another teacher? Remember that time you wrote that absolutely perfect poem? And how you captured the moment of running through the slush-slicked streets in fits of girlish glee magnificently? You did that. And because you did that you can still conjure up the feeling of that day and how grey the sky was even though you’ve lost contact with Hak-Sea. Remember in grade nine when you blew Mr. Meisies’ mind (haha)? Remember how he said that you had a gift with words, that your writing is like poetry? Remember that one time you overheard your father complimenting you on your writing when you and he have been in a stalemate for over ten years now?
Remember. Remember. Remember.
Stop with the petty jealousies, stop envying others and remember that you are loved, loved, loved and thought the world of. All that will stop if you keep on being petty, snippy and withholding just to prove some point that no one knows about but you. People think you’re great and funny and talented but it will all stop if you give into your Darkness.
It’s not like your daydreams and fantasies are so far fetched. They are all easily attainable things if you’re willing to do the work. So work. Just work and forget about all the frivolous stuff. Develop, learn, grow and then you’ll be graduating from cheap carnival prizes to tangible things that will last you forever. Wishing won’t make things happen.
It’s going to be hard but just buckle down and work and you will end up where you need to be.
Stop being a spoiled child and get dirty.
Today's featured image is from Diverse Faces

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