The Romantic and the Philosopher I

She was a Romantic cursed with Longing, and he was a Philosopher.
Her apology is wrapped up in excuses to make it easier for her to swallow. As you can see my dear, even though this is an apology to the Philosopher, the Romantic is still trying to make it all about herself.
Like everything she has done to him.
The Romantic tried to break the Philosopher’s rigid ways and force him into weaving from one choice to
another in order to fulfill a lonely void within herself.
It is a disservice to the person the Philosopher is and a mistake the Romantic still hopes to rectify.
But alas she is cursed with Longing. And even though she knows forcing the Philosopher will not make him her Ideal, she can’t help but still hope.
Today's featured image is from Tumblr.

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