This past week was just horrible. Practically a full week of straight 8-hour closes and I am beat. Plus there was Treat-Receipt happening so that was especially draining. Combined with last week’s ridiculous heat wave and I am 1000% done with work.
But the thing about this past week that really grated on my nerves was that I felt like I had 0 time to myself, to sort things out or to do anything. I ended up eating like crackers and carrots at 11:30PM as my only meal of the day, and yeah I lost weight but it also left me feeling cranky and tired all the time.
Next week seems a bit better, I have a lot of early day shifts so I’ll have more time at night to do things for myself. I just hate getting up at 5:30AM to get to work for 7:30AM.
But today I’m going to take the time to plan out all my meals for the week, cook everything so I won’t be reduced to snacking because I have no time to cook. My fridge is actually full of groceries so yay. /o/
I also want to get a work-out schedule going again like I use to, so that will be great. My planner is practically falling apart and I’m dying to get a new one, the Moleskine ones start in July but then I’d perpetually never end up finishing the year so I’ll just wait till December.
Maybe I need to start logging what I eat as well, and how many glasses of water I drink in a day too. Should make for some exciting reading yes? (Haha no.)
Things I want to improve on for August:
  • Work-out more
  • Eat better
  • Cook more of my own meals
  • Keep in touch with my friends more
  • Mail Joyce’s care package
  • Really get cracking on my writing prompts book
  • Save more money

Anyways it’s almost August and I’m really excited because it’s jam-packed with things to do!

August 2: I’m going to see Cats the musical with Anushkah, Masawe, Mei, Chang and Janet. (Finally!) We’d been planning this forever but so many things kept coming up to put it off, the last one being Tsering whining how we never invite her with us and then her forgetting about it anyways. Ah well, I’m excited. Cats has always been one of my favourite musicals ever since I was like 10 and I watched it at Cau Hai’s house. It’ll be interesting to see how this one is done since I’ve seen the original on DVD.
August 15: Christian Louboutin Soiree with Mei, Janet and Tsering. I’m really excited about this because I missed the last thing at the ROM. (Note to self: text Helen to come too!!) If I win the pair of Louboutins I’m going to request the peep-toe Mary Janes. They’re everything I love in a shoe! I saw Bom wear them and I fell in love, love, love. But a classic pair of Louboutins is nice too.

(August 16: Hopefully will be able to go to Sail-In Cinema, which is where they play a movie on this huge screen out in the lake at Sugar Beach. Only a select few can actually make it out into the water and then the rest of us have to bring chairs and stuff to sit on the beach and watch which would still be nice.)

August 22: Poutine Festival with Janet and Ryan. This event was like made for us ahaha. It’s all you can eat as well so I’m excited. I just hope the vendors will have enough and it won’t be like Burger Day.
August 23: Pacific Mall with Janet. It’s always fun to go here because we buy a bunch of things we can’t get in Toronto. Plus since she lives closer now the bus ride won’t be so bad? I mainly want to get more facemasks (for myself and Nancy), more Instax film and possible a rice cooker because mine is broken. Maybe we’ll eat lobster again, this time I want to try it Hong Kong style because it has sliced sliver fish as well.
Well, off to do laundry and a bunch of chores so that I can relax the best way I know how with burgers and cherry-soda flavoured tea from David’s Tea.
Today's featured image is of Sasha Pivovarova from Prada's S/S 2006 campaign shot by Steven Meisel.

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