Look at this fab room!

Hello August! (And Janet.)

August’s background image is a still from Pretty in Pink. The opening sequence to that movie is by far my most favourite opening sequence ever. I love the movie overall, but I really paid more attention to the set design and costumes for Andie. Her room and style were just amazing.
I keep forgetting that August has just begun because I blogged about it so extensively in post 11 that I felt like it was happening already. I’m pretty pleased that it is only the fourth day of August because that way I can really crack down on my “list” for things I wanted to do for August.
I said August a lot in the first two paragraphs.
Anyways Cats was great, I love, love, love the man who played Augustus! When he sang in Italian I was swooning and trying hard to not let anyone know.
The set design was gorgeous but I could have done without the actual cast prowling down the aisles during parts of the musical, especially the opening because that was TERRIFYING. Most notably when I thought it was all over and I was turning around to look at Janet frozen in her seat and I see this huge furry head perched on her arm rest just staring. I jumped into Masawe (sorry!) screamed, “OH MY GOD!” and shook like a leaf for a bit. The rest of the show every time I heard something I would glance behind me trying to see if some cat was going to pop up. My biggest fear was that Macavity was going to jump up from behind our seats (we were sitting in the back).
But Cats was fab, and on my next book haul I’m thinking of grabbing some poetry books. Some Plath, a little Neruda but definitely T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats which the musical was based off of.
Anyways we went out to eat at Masa and the only thing I was impressed with was how much calamari they gave you. Like usually when you order shrimp or squid you get a couple pieces and then a whole bunch of vegetables but here you legit get a huge basket full of fried squid or shrimp. I usually don’t use any soy sauce or wasabi for my sushi as I usually eat very good sushi and it has enough flavour but for Masa I found myself needing to dunk everything in it’s corresponding condiment. Also, not the best service I’ve ever received. (Judy!)
And the kicker is that I got food poisoning after! I went home and woke up with the worst cramp, spent ages in the bathroom and then puked and spent a restless night trying to get comfortable and running off to the bathroom. Ugh.
On the streetcar to my mom’s restaurant and had one of those perfect book x music moments when the music matches the scene you’re reading perfectly and it wasn’t even calculated!
I was reading about Caroline and her faux-ttraction to Paul when Luppulagid by Sigur Ros came on and it just flowed all over Caroline’s need to feel something from Paul and for him to see her as she is all of her. Instead of just the parts of her that he is fitting into his life without any of her consent.
I think that moment is up there when I was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the girl across from me was reading The Casual Vacancy and we both looked up at each other and smiled knowingly.
Today's featured image is from Pretty in Pink.

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