Hurrrrr, I found a blog template that looks practically the same as my old one haha. One of these days I’ll understand how to work Blogger. But I’m happy with my tags finally! Commentary doesn’t really work on here like it does with Tumblr. Now I want to tag and categorize everything but apparently there’s a limit. Bah.
Yesterday was a fabbity-fab-fab day! Janet and I went to go see the new Percy Jackson movie and although I didn’t get some of the story line (having been unable to finish the first one and read the books.) But it was a fun movie.
We also consumed massive quantities of cheese yesterday.
We finally went to Cheesewerks and as soon as you enter the store it’s like walking into a wedge of cheese, that’s how all encompassing the smell is. But I’m into that so…

I honestly don’t remember which grilled cheese I got but it was delicious. I remember what type of ketchup I had though haha. (SpicySirracha) The atmosphere of the restaurant is adorable, the communal seating is really cute and they serve everything on little baking trays and you get a side of chips and pickles. Janet and I also got the white melonsangria to share. Like most trendy restaurants it came in a glass jar.It was our firstsangria of thesummer season and it was yummy although getting the fruit was a job in itself. It was also my first alcoholic beverage since Janet’s birthday party haha. AKA, the night I beatTsering and Janet and asserted myself as asloppier drunk. Proud times.Eventually Janet and I made our way towardsChaTime for bubble tea. The name is so clever! I got this JapaneseSakurasomething something green tea. It was kind of like a soda version of green tea.It was weird exiting the movie theater and still seeing the sun out so we made our way to BMV where I displayed surprising restraint and didn’t scoop up 6 volumes of Fables and Tarot cards. Janet got some great steals with The Romantic Movement by Alain de Botton and The Family Meal cookbook. I really wanted to grab Pasta by Theo Randall but alas I was unlucky.

Originally we were going to go to Panera for dinner but we had passed Thompson Diner earlier in the day on the way to Cheesewerks and the guy at Panera was really rude! And anyways when Janet and I got to Thompson’s we could indulge our Gluttonous Assholic selves with fries and basil pesto parmesean, mac and cheese with truffle oil (LOVE LOVE LOVE truffles!!) and a burger smooshed between a grilled cheese sandwich. (Ha, I can finally say I’ve done that.) And the prices weren’t bad either, the final split bill was just 19$.

Afterwards Janet and I both crawled to our respective homes to die in peace.

I haven’t eaten cheese all day today yet because I’m scared after all of that I might become lactose intolerant and then I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Going to skip off for cheese and crackers after I post this though.

Today's featured image is from French Connection.

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