The Romantic and the Philosopher Interlude

Her heart use to be priceless.
Then she loaned it out and every time she got it back it was a little more worse for wear. She began to become clumsy, every time she moved around she battered it a little more.
Maybe it was bad marketing but, her stocks plummeted and everyone was selling their shares as fast as they could.
She’s offering her heart at bargain basement prices these days and yet he still won’t call.
Every time she leaps for an imaginary ring, like Walmart, the price of her heart is rolled back a little more.
I once heard that if someone appeared in your dreams it meant that they were thinking about you, the Romantic wanted to say. I think about you all the time and never have I once dreamt about you. 
Dear Philosopher, I must trouble your dreams frequently but never once do I seem to cross your mind.
Today's featured image is Chanel's S/S 2014 Haute Couture makeup look. 

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