Jack fruit cake!

Mother’s birthday today, and everyone is trending something to do with Big Bang or G-Dragon haha. My Father got her a cake and my brother was trying to be a smart ass about it. I literally saw them flip the switch like three times in a span of ten minutes. Oh well, they are in it for the long haul. Made a lame joke about us not having enough candles for her cake but of course Father didn’t get it. It’s useless to try to tell jokes to my parents! But it makes for good stories.

But picking up her cake in the Asian bakery got me mildly excited about Winnipeg in September. Just looking at all those pate pastries and steamed rice cakes and knowing that my Grandma can make them x1000000 more delicious. Drooling.

Also had too much fun fiddling around with my banner. Too much fun.

Currently reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and on the back cover there was a line that went something like: Time travelling has never been this terrifying.
And I was just sitting there going, “Pfft, it’s time travelling, how terrifying can it be?” For some reason forgetting that this is a Stephen King novel and of course it’ll be terrifying.
The moment when I saw that Jake was headed towards Derry I immediately started going, “Nononononononononononononononomg IT’S 1958! 58!58!58! PENNYWISE IS STILL ALIVE omgomgomgomg nonononononononono.”
And then I had to Google the events of the Losers’ first stand off with It to confirm that it’s a couple of months AFTER their first tangle with It. I was squirming as I encountered Derry-ites during that time. But by the time Jake met up with Bev and Richie I was hit with full blown nostalgia. Because while this book terrified me to no end, (I actually had to sleep with a lamp on during one point.) It is one of my favourite King novels.
Because while Stephen King is a master horror story teller, very few authors can write about childhood friendships the way he can. As he said in The Body, “I never had any friends later like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?”
So I am enjoying 11/22/63 and I now know that Stephen King can turn something like time travelling into something completely terrifying. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be bawling by the end like with It.
Friday was kind of a weird day for me, I don’t know if it was because I spent the whole day reading but it really did feel like a day out of time for me. Later on in the evening I ended up talking to PT and it just didn’t feel the same. I don’t know, but lately he keeps trying to push everything that we have into “reality” and I know that it’ll never work because we’re only really compatible on one plane… haha. I mean not that it’s all bad but I guess I’m just really bored with it.
I finally got around to watching a part of Spring Breakers yesterday and the mood from Friday seeped into that day as well. I guess because I was in the right mind frame for the movie but it kind of spoke to me haha. Like, just being stuck in one place that you need something major to jolt you out of it and when you get that jolt suddenly the world looks like a different place even though all you’re really doing is destructive but it’s making you feel something and that almost seems to justify all the hedonistic behaviour.
My aunt Janice got married yesterday and this being the age of social media there was a hash tag and a video onYoutube and everything. Her dress was so gorgeous and that’s kind of the style I’d like formy own gown. And also my wedding fever is back. Jesus.

Oh well it’s the start of a new week so here’s hoping that I’ll stop feeling stuck.
Currently mad about Charli XCX’s cover of I Want it That Way. It’s too perfect for words.

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