I just had a solo dance party to the trailer of Wall-E. Just the music playing, not them telling the actual story. Twas fun. I like my solo dance parties.

I also just spoke the most French ever since… high school? I believe. Very early high school

Je prefere anglais s’il vous plait. Je deteste francais a quebecquois. Um… Quebecquois est… um, Quebecquois ne pas de francais. Quebecquois est… Quebecquois. Les mots dans Quebecquois est… um, est.. different!

Haha, that’s probably totally wrong but it was a high light and surprise for me.

I feel like I’m in a perpetual cocoon and I’m cozy but I’m bored and I want things to happen but then I kind of don’t.

It all falls back onto money.

Just never having enough of it.

“Enough” money means never having to worry about it.

Today's featured image is from Tumblr.

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