Stellar day!
Went to Playa Cabana (Dupont location) with Janet on the search for food that appears in buckets! (Seriously.) Yet another restaurant crossed off my list so yaysies.
Janet’s agave amber margarita and my three shots of tequila Mexican Iced Tea.
The restaurant had the most adorable interior, I love house-converted restaurants! It was definitely a very cozy, chill place. Since it was Friday (and after 12) cocktail hour had officially started. I swear, all I tasted was T-E-Q-U-I-L-A. (Which I should have as there were three different kinds, triple sec and probably a splash of coke. Jesus.) Every sip was like taking a straight shot and I haven’t drank any hard liquor since Janet’s birthday party. But as proven on Janet’s birthday I am a far superior alcoholic.
Cubeta de Camaron
We got the bucket of shrimp tossed in arbol-garlic butter and they were so juicy and HOT. Not going to lie, when you say bucket I think of a metal one the size of the ones you use to build sand castles at the beach. But then again… they wouldn’t be 18$.
Ancho braised shortrib-brisket crispy tacos
 These were really, really, really good. I was tempted by the fish tacos (Janet got them so we traded so in the end I did get one yay~ It was yummy.) Obviously Janet and I overdid it with all the hot sauces and at one point my GUMS were actually burning and I was near tears.
But soooooooo worth it. (Really. Ish.)
I know Playa Cabana’s food quality swings on a yo-yo scale but when I went today everything was poifect~ Next time I’d like to try the crab bucket and their burritos.
I already ate everything in the box.
Afterwards Janet was craving something sweet and we strolled past Frangipane so in we went and it’s absolutely adorable inside. The masking on their cakes was magnificent. (Things you pick up when you hang around a pastry chef!)
I got two lavender short bread cookies, (that legitimately melted in your mouth), a Swedish oatmeal raisin short bread cookie and a Gruyere cheese tart.
I understand why the cookies are so small now. Because they are SO good and you want to go back and buy EVERYTHING! It disappears too fast.
I was suppose to go see Kick-Ass 2 with my babies but they’re all busy and have no time for little old me. Sad times. Oh well! I had my cheese tart for dinner with some salad and I think EVERYTHING in this store just melts in your mouth because… there’s just no other way to describe it. The eggs in it were just so fluffy, the pastry was so buttery, the cheese was so delectable I almost cried when it was over.
I was going to cook today but I’m missing onions and I can’t proceed… well maybe I can but I don’t want to because onions make everything taste great and I want my jambalaya to be stellar. I kind of hate that I forgot to buy some because I’m practically closing all week. Bah, it’s depressing to see how it’s the last week of summer on the schedule and next week all the students come back and they’ll be wanting green tea frappucinos at 7 in the morning with extra whip and I’ll want to throw it at all of them.
Come back into my life bb.
Hanging out with Hang tomorrow! I haven’t seen her in ages so it’ll be fun times I hope. Going to stock up on some more face masks for myself and Nancy and possibly more film. And maybe I’ll break down and get a rice cooker. Haha probably not but who knows? The world is my oyster.

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