These are the songs I listen to every summer, all summer without fail. In all four of these songs I see a story of The Best Summer Ever! The gist of it all is basically in Aerosmith’s fantastic video for “Crazy”.

The first two songs make me want my friends and the last two songs make me want boys. None of them end up on happy notes. (Except perhaps the friends part.) But I like my melancholia. (Usually.)What I love about “Crazy” and “Summertime Sadness” is that these girls love each other more than they could love any other guy and to me that’s an important quality in a friend. The guys are just there for amusement and useful accessories (like purses!) But that’s your BEST FRIEND. Why be someone else’s ride or die chick when you can just be each other’s?

What I love in “Crazy” is that even though Liv and Alicia wield their sexuality over the guys but they’re really doing it for each other. I think both videos suggest lesbianism which always makes me think of that quote from the L Word: “We all have feelings for our girlfriends but that doesn’t mean we have to act on them.”

And I think in a way that your girlfriends are kind of your test run for relationships with boys (if you remain cis). The first people you bare your soul to and cuddle with are usually your gal pals and some of y’all might even practice kissing on them before moving onto the “real” thing.

It’s pretty great and I always get sad when I see girls replace their friends with boyfriends.

The last two videos… Maybe it’s all the YA novels I read, but summer always seems to be a time for growth and rejuvenation. It doesn’t matter if during the rest of the year you fell from grace, or you spent another year alone summer is the time for you to blossom!
Although winter is my favourite season, summer always stirs up all my emotions.
It makes me want to be close to people physically, (I know right?) Emotionally… I just want to be with PEOPLE.
Summer heightens my longing for sneaking out, desire for cars, narcotics… and just everything bad for me. Is it the sultry heat? The sun? The increased amount of daylight hours?
I may never know. Just like I’ll never get that summer where I hot wire a car, flash a crowd, cage beers off of strangers, experience with lesbianism, let out my inner floozy, dance on a bar, crying too much, laughing even more, fall for that wrong guy and being okay with it. Meeting the right guy and leaving him and being okay with it.
But hey, it’s always fun to fantasize, and by the time fall rolls around I’m okay because I’m still me and I’m okay with that. So I guess that is growth.
Today's featured image is by George Steinmetz of the Dead Sea.

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