Fabbity-fab-fab day yesterday with Hang! I haven’t seen her in ages because I’m a horrible friend. I’m completely lousy at keeping in contact with people. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to break. I still have like ten emails from friends that I haven’t answered yet, Joyce’s care package to send and a Facebook message to Lisa. I’ve been coasting on the indulgences of my friends for awhile and pretty sure I’m not going to have any if I don’t pay off the debt soon.
Hang and I went to Pacific Mall so I could pick up some face masks for my cousin and I. I was so happy that The Face Shop was having a sale so I got a couple of free masks! It’s by far my favourite store. They even had my favourite mask back in stock so I got a bunch of those. Then I bought some film for my Instax and I’m pretty squared away with film for a good long while. I got the white frames, and some rainbow frames and Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies. Hang is an ace bargainer so I got a pretty good discount. Afterwards Hang had to buy some phone cases for people so we visited every store in the mall haha. It was fun times, it really makes me want to get my S4 now!
We caught up with a lot of stuff so that was sweet, and she also got me some stuff from Vietnam when she went. That’s the thing about Hang, she always has other people in mind.
I had never been to Cafe Princess before so Hang was going to take me and we explored the Korea Town around the Finch area. I think it’s a very different vibe than the one around Christie. It’s more… hmm.. I don’t know how to explain it. It seems more citified. Probably because of all the condos going up.
Like a dolt I forgot my camera at home so there are lack of food pictures. 😦
But anyways we were going to go to Joons but ended up trying Owl of Minerva. Which has been on my list and I’m happy I finally got to try. I got their kam ja tang and Hang got some dumplings which she wanted steamed instead of fried. But they were HUGE.
The kam ja tang was delicious and ridiculously filling. They had Inkigayo on so I saw a million k-pop groups that I didn’t know. Most memorable was this girl group in helmets and day-glo green tops. I enjoyed Owl of Minerva, Hang and I thought that we’d have room for dessert because everything looked so small while we shared but we were so stuffed! And it was so cheap too, only 18$ for everything.
Hang and I always try to take things a bit too far haha. We’re both enablers and we’re usually enabling each other. So we did end up going to Cafe Princess! It was adorable, and best of all…
The Floral Couch!!!
Cafe Princess is basically this cute little cafe above some restaurant full of couches and comfy chairs where you can eat desserts and drink coffee and tea. I think they tried to model it after those cute cafes you see in Korean dramas. They have games you can play (for $2.50) and I’m pretty sure you have to pay something to put a post-it heart on the wall with some message.
But anyways, THE FLORAL COUCH! I thought that I would never see it again but then when I saw four of them… it was such a happy moment. Hurr I had to text Janet right away lol. It’s just as comfy as ever. Anyways, I ended up getting an iced peach green tea (almost said “grande” but I’m not due to work till tomorrow!) Hang got this Korean herbal tea called Dunggule (?) I believe.
Then we couldn’t decide on a dessert so we decided to split the Princess Moffle.
Princess Moffle
Instead of traditional waffle batter they used a rice one instead. So it’s really crispy on the outside and extremely chewy. I liked it as I’m not that big on waffles. It’s definitely lighter than a regular one. I think it’s an acquired taste though. I wonder why it’s called a “moffle” though.
This one pushed our stomachs to the brink and I would gladly have curled up on the couch and napped forever but alas we had to go home. We decided to walk from Finch station all the way to St. Clair station and then take the streetcar. Along the way we passed a Pojangmacha! It was really cute and apparently has really good food. I got some Bungeoppang (3 for $2.50!!). They had a lot of Korean “street” food like spicy rice cakes and pork belly all for like $1-$3!
These made for a yummy breakfast.
Walking was really nice. The weather was perfect and plus it made me feel less guilty over all that we ate today. Everything was going fine until we approached the high way and started walking along the sidewalk beside it and that’s when it got really dark and all of civilization passed away.
(c) instagram.com/hanglu

She had me do this only about a dozen times haha. But it was cool, even though at one point we were walking in near darkness. We walked all the way to York Mills station which is pretty good considering the bridge and thing we crossed. And no mosquito bites so that was a plus!

On my way to my mom’s today I saw this:

I’ve seen similar things like this on Tumblr but to see one in real life is kind of funny.

Gearing up for the last slow week at work tomorrow. Bleh. But on the plus side my mom made bun rieu today and that is always a good thing! So that and a marathon of America’s Next Top Model will be my Sunday. Wee.

Bun rieu is a Vietnamese dish made with crab meat, pork, eggs, tomatoes, vermicelli, and sometimes blood pudding and tofu. You eat it with tons of fresh veggies and it’s soooo good. It’s one of my favourite things since childhood. I use to eat it with rice haha, but now I love it with vermicelli more.


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