This post is just going to be me bragging about the fact that I made… JAMBALAYA!!!!
To all the great cooks out there, I know it isn’t a huge stretch but for me it is. Especially since this person who is supposedly a great cook kept making a big deal about how difficult it is, talking about roux, special type of sausage and pots.
Like I said before, I want to get into the habit of cooking some more but the thing that deters myself (and a lot of people) is cleaning up the mess. I’ve found a way to deal with it and the simple thing is basically cleaning as you go. Like if I’m waiting for something to boil I’ll start tackling the dishes and by the time it’s all done I have only a few bowls to wash.
Today was a cooking day so I made myself some iced tea since I ran out a few days ago. This time it was Sweet Strawberry.
I love David’s tea! I usually steep about two potfuls for five-ish minutes and then fill up the rest with cold water. (Things I learn at Starbucks!) I also sweeten it with a bit of honey and ta-da~
I got this cookbook for twenty dollars at Indigo. It was a total impulse purchase but this thing is chock a block full of French recipes and for twenty dollars why the hell not? I usually peruse cookbooks by looking at the ingredients that I have on hand and seeing if they match any of the recipes. Lo and behold there was an easy-peasy pork jambalaya recipe in there.
Another quick tip for cooking is to do all the prep work beforehand. That way you’re not randomly grabbing a bunch of dishes and using a whole lot of them when you only need a few!
The recipe just called for bacon, pork and ham but I’m not the biggest fan of ham so I substituted it with chorizo. I would have liked to use andouille but the market was all out. I also threw in some shrimp because what is jambalaya without shrimp?!
The thing with cooking is that you kind of have to take everything with a grain of salt. You don’t have to follow all recipes to a tee, I kept forgetting to buy chives and had no idea what chevril was so I did without it in my recipe. I also felt that there was something missing so when I Googled recipes, I saw that Mathiot’s recipe didn’t have diced tomatoes in hers but every other one did.
Making it was fairly easy! You just had to brown a lot of the meat first (also time when you add in the shrimp/chorizo. As they were both pre-cooked if I had added them in really early they would have ended up way over-cooked.)
My whole apartment still smells of spices and I showed some restraint with all the peppers so it is hot but I’m not dying!
Also made some collared greens to go with it! And here’s where I broke one of my own cooking rules. I left the collared greens in the hot water for too long! The recipe said ten minutes and I agreed so they were slightly too soft. It also called for half a cup of oil for the recipe but I lessened that by quite a bit!
Weee~ that’s all I’m going to eat for the rest of the week and I am happy as can be.
You know you want some~

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