I don’t know how I never connected Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones to THE Cassandra Claire of those murky early days of HP Fandom.
I wasn’t part of the online HP Fandom during that time. I was getting back into the K-Pop fandom at the time but a pal I knew as “Winter” was on the fringes of it all. I was also very into Xanga at the time and couldn’t for the life of me puzzle out LJ.
Winter was also into K-Pop (we met on a k-pop forum) so whenever we chatted we shared fics we both liked from each fandom and talked about the superstars of each (because there always are).
This isn’t really about Cassie Clare but about msscribe!
It has got to be one of the most audacious fandom capers I have ever heard about. I almost kind of admire and am in awe of all the effort and time she put in to create her whole persona and all the sock puppets.
Even though I didn’t read many HP fics, I did know of msscribe because from time to time Winter would send me some of msscribe’s journal snippets and those were great reads. Some of them were funny (Baby Dykes anyone?) But my favourite one has got to be this one. It’s not stellar writing but the sentiment behind it is touching.

The whole unveiling of msscribe’s scheme makes for a delightful read (found here.) And it’s also interesting to see how early forms of online friendships were made. I think the most shocking thing to me was that a majority of these women were ADULTS. Reading it you think it’s a bunch of petty teenagers but no, these were established women!These were women who met up with each other, shared phone calls (remember those?) and visited each other when they were in town. It’s a bit mind boggling to me. I think the only person I’ve met online and continued a friendship with is Janet. There are a few people I’d like to meet and I believe we can still be friends but… yeah. I mean I met a bunch of YGL-ers but I can’t say that those have grown into lasting friendships lol.

Anyways, with the whole Cassie Clare (nee Claire) being actual-famous now I got back to reading it again. And because Google is so much more sophisticated now I even managed to find msscribe’s last post on LJ where she blames her nanny and her Facebook (I’m a creep, we all know this.) and she’s still friends with Babygrrl.

And I kind of wonder how you can be friends with someone after knowing they did all of those things. Does your friendship transcend that? It must have, but I wonder if you’d ever always feel sort of uneasy. I wonder if msscribe still gets randoms trying to friend her and bringing up her LJ past. I wonder if she ever sees a Cassie Clare book and thinks back on those days. I wonder if she ever told her daughter about her dabbling in fandom when her daughter is getting into a fandom now.

It also kind of reminds me when I was an admin on YGS, there was this chick named Skye who registered and she would always be in the chat box with some members and she’d tell all these fantastic stories about herself and I knew there was something fishy about her right away. I mean, she shares these pictures of herself that are all clearly hotlinked from Asian celeb sites and they ALL LOOK DIFFERENT. But her friends ate it up and I kind of let it slide because 1) she wasn’t bothering the running of the site as a whole, 2) her friends were members I didn’t particularly like LOL.

But anyways one night she’s talking about how she’s going to Miami or something from Kansas and half an hour later she’s online again! And that’s when another staff member (Patty I think?) started calling bullshit. So basically we all descended on her and broke through all her lies one by one and it actually started getting kind of fun.

That malicious fun that’s actually pretty cruel and you kind of feel uneasy about it but you yuck it up with your pals for the night and then rarely mention it again because you all know you were a bunch of assholes.


So in the end she breaks down and admits that she’s been telling a lot of lies and she’s sorry, so I’m feeling all magnanimous and tell her that I forgive her and that I won’t ban her if she promises to never do it again.

The next day she’s back at it so ban. But then she creeps off to yg-bb.net and tries to do the same so I remember warning Jane about it. I think I had admin powers there too so I cross checked her IP. I wonder whatever happened to her.

But man, fandom was fun but it also could be incredibly fucked up. I think the early days of blogs (before Tumblr, that shit may still be going on now but I’ve grown from that I like to think haha) it was so much easier to find a niche of people.

Like for Xanga you could belong to “groups” and you could usually tell by a person’s U/N and their groups what type of blog they were and what clique they were with. You had the emo crowd, the sexual crowd and the preppy/fashion people. I was in the preppy/fashion group and I remember working REAL hard to build up my own readership/get noticed by the “popular” blogs.

Confession time: I called a 12 year old a cunt. Which I know is wrong, but she would pop up on EVERYONE’S blogs and either a) suck up or b) call everyone else a slew of rude names and tried REALLY hard to be “fashion forward” and stole everyone’s icons/ideas/u/ns.

But yeah, that happened. I’m kind of glad Xanga died so that my shame will forever go with it. Although I’ll probably try to way-back myself later.

Anyways bunch of things to do tomorrow/today so s’laters~

Today's feature image is from Viktor & Rolf.

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