UGHHHHH. Last day of Summer is today! (Okay so Fall isn’t “official” until some later date but we all know that today is the last day of summer because school starts on Tuesday.)
I’m not going back this year (again) hopefully next year… I better save stacks of money this year!!! I really miss school… probably because I’m not in it. I think I miss the structure and simplicity the most. Like you know you have to do x amount of work for x result, you do y amount of work you’d get y amount of result.
Anyways on Tuesday I have to close and it’s the first day of classes for GB and the first week we ALWAYS get slammed with a bunch of students asking for Frappucinos at 7AM in the morning like really?!
And the pumpkin spice latte is back so we’ll be going through tons of those and this year they’re unveiling the “chocolate chai latte” which is kind of a spiced hot chocolate. Looking at the boxes I vaguely remember seeing it being sold a few months ago and I honestly think that NO ONE bought it so Starbucks decided to go “LET’S MAKE IT A FALL DRINK!” It’s so stupid, one tetra pack only makes about four grandes and there is so much WASTE involved making it. Bah.
On the whole I don’t mind it. There is a really strong lingering spice taste afterwards though.
I work Labour day (~yay~) and then I have to close Tuesday (ugh ugh ugh) and then I have to be back at the store at 9:30AM THE NEXT DAY. I remember Ryan was telling me about this because he wanted Carly to have a “fierce” close and he reassured me that I wouldn’t be back the next day early in the morning. I live far damn it! I have to travel through rush hour traffic and then serve the rush? KJSD;LFKAJ;SDLFKJSADLKDJFLKD.
Then it’s a slew of 8-hour early morning shifts and by Saturday I’m going to imbibe (A LOT) and forget about my horrible week.
So, anyways I’ve been using my only free day to prep. I went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment, did laundry and cooked for the week. Next I just have to make my meal plan/exercise schedule. I sound real fun.
Also trying to network more blog wise and found some blogs that commented on other blogs that I did and checked those out and commented on those… it’s kind of fun, takes me back, to when I use to heavily blog. There are a lot of great ones out there and it’s always great to be a voyeur and to check to see what other people’s lives are like.
This week I took a recipe from The Family Meal a cookbook by Ferran Adria who was like the head chef from elBulli restaurant. It’s the most GORGEOUS cookbook! Phaidon usually releases spectacular cookbooks but this one takes the cake.
Tools you should have in the kitchen
Meal list
Recipe and instructions

I really like how they give you a time frame on how long it takes to cook something and when to start cooking the next part of your dish, how much of each ingredient to use depending on how many servings you’re making etc. Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous pictures and layout.

So anyways, I’m making Meal 18: Mexican-style chicken with rice.

(Every meal is designed with an appetizer, entree and dessert and I usually just make the entrees.)


I really like this recipe because you use absolutely everything. You throw away very little. Like when you’re boiling your chicken to make the stock you use all of that stock later on. I couldn’t find any paella rice so I used whatever I had on hand and it turned out fine. I had this with a salad with avocado dressing and it’s satisfying haha. I think I went a bit overboard on the mole sauce though because it’s way too thick.
I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (not to the extent of some people as I blogged about below v) and when I heard that someone had written a spin-off fanfic about Harry’s son that was actually GOOD I jumped on it. It’s actually grown pretty big you can check it out here. There are some changes to the canon which made me go O____O””
(E.G. Snarky house elves, how come they’re taking arithmancy in first year, why isn’t Ron an Auror also? How can Cedric be Gryffindor house’s ghost? etc.)
But on the whole the series is actually pretty good! I mean there are some writing style issues that irk me, like how many times the author has shoved in “my boy/m’boy” (because that’s how all Brits talk.)
I do however like how it kind of delves into the science of magic and it sort of “explains” how the magical world can hide from muggles etc. (Obviously this is just Lippert’s interpretation but it can be pretty convincing to those who yearn to believe the wizarding world is real. I.e me.)
Harry’s journey was heavily focused on Voldemort and to stop him from taking over the wizarding world and killing all the muggles but James’ journey is a bit different. Now that Voldemort is dead and there has been peace there are some of the “newer” generation who are trying to paint Voldemort (they actually call him Lord Tom Riddle can you believe it? Way to mess up the anagram.) In a different light. Like it brought up a good point that the victors’ usually get the spot light during history. Everything is told from their point of view (usually with good reason) and now this new generation is trying to break up the old secrecy laws and integrate with muggles!
I think it’s a really good plot point that shows the evolution of the wizarding world as muggles continually evolve and create our own brand of magic (technology). There are dark reasons behind this desire to integrate but I actually firmly believe that muggle and magic worlds should be kept separate. I mean it’s a lot easier that way and less susceptible to corruption. If there is integration I believe there would be so much jealousy and fear that everything will just end up in war.
Anyways the fourth book is finally available as an .ePub and I was about to get cracking on it because I remember in the third book something HUGE happens but I couldn’t remember enough of it to get on with the fourth so now I have to go and re-read everything from the beginning. So that’s my plan for the weekend. Thrilling.
I probably shouldn’t vy to go out so much as I am not making *that* much working at Starbucks and I want to do a lot of things so I better save more than I spend. But really I have tons of books on Kobora (it’s finally worthy of a name!) and I could probably re-organize a ton of stuff at home… finally make the apartment into a home as that hope we’ll be out of here in a manner of months expired years ago.
So, yeah. Good luck to those returning to school!

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