Hello September!
If only my school uniform was this fabulous. But then again if it’s a school uniform you eventually grow to hate the colours. To this day I can’t put on navy or maroon without feeling like I’m being dragged back to high school. Pity because they are such great colours.
I highly recommend you check out some of Michal Pudelka’s work! It’s really fabulous, really creative and they all tell a story. (Whatever the story is though, is up to you.)

He’s only a year younger than me too… makes me question what I’m doing with my life.Here are two photo shoots from Rookie that I feel have captured those gleeful last days of summer: On the Town (I quite like how some of the photos are gifs, making it seem like a very tangible memory.) And Party Out of Bounds

What accurately describes my life right now:
I had no idea what I wanted, only that I wanted something, which is the worst kind of wanting. – David Levithan, Love is the Higher Law
Had the weirdest dream last night about an old high school friend. We reconnected after a Jordin Sparks concert and a lot of things had changed and it was just weirdly uncomfortable. I remember we lost contact partially because I wasn’t really comfortable with her new life choices and because I went through a lengthy period without a cellphone.
Anyways, I woke up and tried Googling her. I didn’t have much hope because she was really against any type of social media but I did find a LinkedIn profile. It’s crazy how much she’s changed… I kind of wonder what she’s up to but feel it would be kind of dumb to reconnect with her lol. Like what do you say? “Hey! Know we haven’t talked in years but I had this dream so what’s up?”
Well, off to go through my prompt book to see if I get inspired any. Sigh. And I’ll be updating a slew of R&P so sorry to those that follow me!!
Today's feature image is by Michal Pudelka

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