The Romantic and the Philosopher VIII

A magpie at heart, the Romantic built a nest of songs, words, recipes, things to do and places to see.
I can enjoy all of these lovely things myself but they would be more beautiful I could share them with you, she would trill in the native tongue of every passerby.
She wanted to shake the Philosopher out of his ideas, she wanted to break their discourse and start experimenting.
I am taking a risk just wanting to share these things with you. These places, these ideas, these feelings knowing full well that you could be gone tomorrow and my nest would just be another thing for you to display and examine. Knowing full well it will take me ages to reclaim it all and build a new nest. So I need you to be worth it, I’m not a gambling girl but you’ve raised the stakes and I’m all in. 
And Hope said, One last try darling, there could be something beautiful here.
Today's feature image is by Lily.

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