The Romantic and the Philosopher X

Words That Describe the Philosopher:
  • epistemical
  • utilitarian
  • forgetful
  • (slightly) egotistical
  • inconsiderate (at times)
  • optimistic
  • charming
  • entrancing
  • grandiose
I want to know why you are they way you are. I want to be your archaeologist, dig through your past, unearth your treasures, piece together your very being.
The Romantic wanted to read the Philosopher like he read his books. In discovering him, she hoped to discover herself.
What do I mean to you? How do you see me? Could you be a part of my life?
But could the Romantic really just befriend him when she was still holding out for the possibility that they could fall in love?
Today's feature image is of Jude Law found on Tumblr.

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