If Taylor Swift was half as over anything as I am over work than she would never have had a career.
Predictably work has been horrendous. It’s a non-stop blur of special snowflakes and their ridiculous orders. Plus the commute home is extended by another hour as my bus likes to take it’s sweet time getting to the station. I literally CRAWLED home by Friday. Next week is a 40+ week as I have to do tips at some point and I’m apparently getting my review. Ugh. I do not want to stay any longer than I’m scheduled to be quite honest. An extra twenty dollars does not seem worth it when I think about it.
(But it actually is so bleh.)
Labour day seems like ages ago even though if it was just last week. Janet made cronuts!!!
Look at all them layers~
And she made proper ones too, look at all the layers in it like a proper croissant. Unlike some bakeries I could mention. (Hint: They’re credited for bringing the cronut craze to Toronto even though theirs is completely rubbish.)
We also saw This is Us and it was fabbity-fab-fab!!! Although at one point I got utterly confused because there were these space ships flying about and they were singing Kiss You and I thought it was all in my mind but it wasn’t. I can also now see the charm in Harry Styles. It’s very Hugh Grant-ish.
And now back to my stream of NYFW and Gossip Girl~~ (Remember when it wasn’t completely cray? Yeah. Me too.)
Typing all this is even making me tired!
 Today's feature image is from the50s Tumblr.

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