Another week gone and I’m still alive. Ish.
The most important meal of the day!

Saturdays are my only free day off from everything and I generally take it really slowly in the morning. I wake up at 11 and have breakfast consisting of my three favourite food groups: carbs, cholesterol and sodium. Because I’m stuck at my Mom’s on Sunday I never get to partake in Sunday brunch so this is like my tiny toe hold on that.

And it’s much better than eating oatmeal or yogurt or a cereal bar on the bus at 6AM in the morning.
Yesterday morning I had a BLT with avocados and some jalapeno cheddar, roasted potatoes, strawberries, tea and OJ. Lacking hash browns I made do with what I had on hand. Let me tell you, thyme is a handy herb to have around your house. It elevates so many things. It’s like the saffron for poor people.
Honestly, sprinkle some thyme with salt and pepper onto your potatoes and bake them–bam! Roasted potatoes. Have chicken? Sprinkle that on your chicken and suddenly it’s fancy. Or if you have honey and some lime juice mix that with some olive oil, salt and pepper and thyme and spread that on your chicken and you have the quintessential Sunday-dinner roasted chicken. You’re welcome.Bleh last week I didn’t really *try* to properly blog; I just gave into my inherent laziness. Before This Is Us Janet and I were once again on the Stoop of Vice (the scene of so many great and illicit times) and got properly paranoid by a parking cop. That was a first for me.Anyways, Janet came over yesterday for Therapy Times. A concept that was adapted from an idea from my friend Grace’s therapy times during the summer she worked as a camp counselor.

(Most awkward sentence or what?)

So (last year especially) Janet and I and a few of our other co-workers would get together, cook and drink (excessively) all the while bemoaning all the horrible people we had encountered that week.

Well, now that the old group (aka people we actually LIKED at work) has scattered it’s a bit harder to try to coral all of us together again.

But, I digress.

SO! Janet came over we polished off a bottle of wine, a bottle of Finlandia (it’s still our friend! YAY!) We also made two pizzas. The lamb and kale one and a new one that consisted of pesto, goat cheese and shrimp. I forgot to take pictures but maybe I’ll insert one of the leftovers later on today.

The shrimp one was so scrumptious omg. I made the pesto instead of buying it this time (super easy, you basically combine either parsley or basil with some olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesean in a blender and then cook it for a bit.) The original recipe called for only FIVE shrimp, but that’s the beauty of cooking at home you can put as much of anything as you want!

(Honestly, FIVE shrimp.)

It was a fun night (I can’t believe we’re not drunk????) and spending some balcony times looking out at the CN Tower. In recent years the CN Tower has decided to be tacky and flash all sorts of gross lights instead of a nice simple white light like it used to. Anyways, yesterday the lights and patterns were going all kind of WHACK and Janet and I came to the conclusion that the switch board operator was having sex with his manager and they were just flailing all over the light switch board thing (not sure if that’s even how it operates but bear with me.) As an added bonus the switch board operator is probably in his late teens (17-19) the manager is an older woman in her thirties and she just can’t get a date with men her age because *they* all want to date younger girls to feel like big men and younger guys are just so GRATEFUL to her.

Yeah. And they might be falling in love but who knows?

All in all, a fabbity-fab-fab night.

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