Hola everybody! (Janet, Jane and possibly Masawe?)
I’m in Winnipeg!!! Have kept my sass andsnarkiness to a bare minimum and I hardly know myself anymore. (Just joking. About the not knowing myself, notthe fact that I have not been galloping wildly on my sassy horse.)

At the Starbucks near my Grandma’s because my mom has ordered me to email her everyday so ease her worries. As she probably now knows I’m going to use them as a sort of torment, making up wild shenanigans (possible drug dealing, family feuds) just to vex her. I’m a terrible daughter, I know.

Before I blog about my Winnipeg adventures (so far…) there were lots of stuff that happened beforehand.

On Friday I was three hours late for work!! I totally slept through my alarm clock by accident. I had closed the night before (we got out at 11:10!!!) and then I was getting over my cold so I took Tyleneol extra strength which sufficiently knocked me out. Anyways, after work (lol it was such a great short little shift with lots of breaks in between.) Janet and I went for ramen for the first time! Which sounds strange as everyone knows we live to eat. (We don’t just love it okay? That’s stage one and we’re like stage…. 1000.)

The reason we’ve never done ramen (despite all the good things we hear about it) is that even though we know better we still link ramen to instant noodles. So anyways we decided on ramen, we ended up going to Kenzo which everyone always seems to love.

Janet’s Karashi Ramen: Spicy ramen with Japanese Karashi hot sauce topped with roasted pork
My King of Kings Ramen: Spicy Netsu ramen with roasted pork, sliced egg, fish cake, fresh and dried seaweed

It was really good! Even though we got the spicy ramens they weren’t that spicy at all. Which was surprising because usually when we order spicy food we’re dying by the end. Afterwards we went to get bubble tea, the line up for ChaTime was way too long so we went across the street for Bubble Tease. Which is kind of like the Starbucks of bubble tea. They don’t have any furniture yet so it was a really nice, bright open space.

How weird is it to have this thing staring at you while you pee?

Afterwards I went home and began to pack. I got most of the basics down Friday night but then when I went to my mom’s on Saturday I nearly keeled over from all the stuff she expected me to pack as gifts for family here. It was TONS of Vietnamese sausage (Chả lụa) and tons and tons of water spinach. (Rau muống)

And this is the luggage she expected me to take to Winnipeg. Plus my clothes.
All the food +4lbs. of coffee

That huge white bag? THAT’S ALL THE RAU MOUNG jfc. Anyways, when I packed everything on Saturday and weighed it, it clocked in at about 48.2 lbs. But by the time I woke up on Sunday it had gained to like… 57 lbs. Either my mom added more things or… I just don’t even know.
Let’s play: What’s in my carry on?
Starbucks coupons, my Menchies coupon I have yet to use, wet naps, (clean) Kleenex, monies, cell phone, tampon, lip balm, hair tie, Cheetos, gummy pumpkins, Swedish berries, caramels, journal, prompt book, Kobora, planner and writing note book. (I get bored a lot okay? And I couldn’t put it into my suitcase!) Along with my backpack full of vegetables. I actually transported green leafy stuff through an airport.
Intrepid traveler Cat!

Anyways, the trip started off kind of badly with me freaking out about my over sized luggage, and then when I was boarding the bus the driver didn’t lower it enough so while I was yanking my luggage up my thumb nail dug into my skin and gouged out a part of it so yeah… bloody start.
The lady took pity on me (and my anxiety ruined boarding pass which was creased and squeezed beyond all usefulness) and didn’t charge me for the excess 7lbs. Somehow passed through security with my bag of leafy green stuff and then I boarded ze plane!
Things are looking on up!
Flight was alright, I alternated between reading, writing and watching really trashy reality TV. Now prepare yourself for photos of the sky. (I hid my camera in my sleeve during take off even though I wasn’t suppose to because tiny rebellions are as far as I’m willing to go sometimes.)
Laters Toronto 😦
Favourite part: breaking through the clouds!
Everything is so fluffy I want to die!!!
At one point we were flying through the clouds and that was nice. One of my favourite parts about flying, no contest. (Besides taxing.)
Descent into Winnipeg.
I always know when we’re landing into Winnipeg because everything is flat and brown. Prairie country y’know?
Anyways got picked up by my favourite cousin Nancy!! And my uncle Thi. He took me to his favourite noodle place in Winnipeg, where he always believes I have never been but he takes me to at least twice every trip here. Then we went to visit my Grandma and drop my stuff off. Dispensed gifts, stayed for backhand compliments then visited my great Auntie and Uncle. Their dog Baby is like 91 years old and he’s not as aggressive as he once was. Now he’s so sweet and he keeps resting his head on my knee and begging me to pet him and I want to but damn my allergies!! I hope he still remembers me from years ago and how I use to feed him.
Then Nancy had plans to go to a lecture by Eames Demetrios (of those infamous Eames chairs!) at EQ3 as part of Winnipeg’s Design Week. I met her friends and it was a really cool evening. The lecture was swanky yo. It was completely free and you got one drink ticket for wine and there was lots of really yummy food. Ugh, I wanted that whole bucket of oysters and I could have demolished those smoked salmon and crackers easily. But I didn’t. Cause I can be a classy dame sometimes.
Anyways he talked about his grandparents and how they came up with designs and their philosophies and it was really fascinating. They didn’t just design furniture they were consultants for IBM, made short movies, worked on lettering for movies and such. One of the things that really stuck out for me was he mentioned something along the lines of we have separated work and pleasure and we’re just serious about our work and not serious enough about our pleasure and that’s where disenchantment comes from and it stifles creative spirit and such. So I guess we just have to kind of coalesce the two together? And be serious about the work that gives us pleasure. It was really inspiring. My favourite quote was from Ray Eames who said, “I’d rather do something than talk about it.”
Which really struck home with me because I do talk a lot about what I want to do and don’t nearly put in as much effort into doing it so that has got to change.
Addendum (09/24/13):After the lecture, Nancy’s friend Sherry was starving so we drove aroundfor awhile deciding and looking for a place to eat. It was really strange because a) I was in a car, being driven around when I’m use to either walking orbussing. And on Sundays apparently most Winnipeg busses stop at like6-8PM!!! And b) because practically all of downtownwas closed! Because it was a Sunday!!It’s weird, going from a city that never seems to sleep (or keeps odd hours) to going to one that values it’s relaxation. It was sweet in it’s way.

We ended up going to this place called Sushi Gen an hour before they closed and all the waitresses were really cranky about it. Sherry is one of those great blunt girls that will call you a cunt if she thinks you’re a cunt. She’s hilarious.

Overall it was a really great start to my trip here and I’m excited for what’s next (even though I continuously bag on Winnipeg, can’t deny that some of my favourite people live here.)
Tomorrow is my grandmother’s surgery so till then~
Hope your week has started off as fab as mine~~~!!!

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