Hi Janet!! (et. al)
It’s only Tuesday but I’m already feeling pretty home sick. I’ve seen a few interesting looking restaurants here, plus a bakery called Baked Expectations that has kind of a 50s diner feel. But it’s not really the same without my foodie buddy 😦 I *could* go alone but… it’s still kind of weird. Oh well, I got a few more days left here so I probably will cave in. But everything closes so early here!!!!
(There’s also this burger place that has been voted Best Burgers in Winnipeg for two years now… but it boasts “healthy” burgers that are gourmet… I am piqued.)
Nancy has been showing me totally different side to Winnipeg. I think true hipsters live here because all the good stuff is really, really, really underground. She’s showing me all the artsy side of Winnipeg and it’s pretty fab.
Anyways, I’ve been wandering around my neighbourhood by myself quite a bit (as Nancy is in school) and … there are some different things to see here.
Bobby’s World!!!
Grandma has cable! So I’ve been on a steady diet of TLC wedding shows and Toddlers and Tiaras and the Little Couple lol. My first Toddlers and Tiaras was yesterday and this one woman said, (and I quote): “I like to live vicariously through my 3 year old daughter.” She’s the woman who dressed her daughter up as Julie Roberts from Pretty Woman. Before she met Richard Gere. I know.
Family of pigs I found while exploring Grandma’s condo.
Present I gave my grandparents long ago.
I forgot how much of a fiend I use to be for making these!
My Grandpa labeled everything! It was a sweet find.
Weirdly not a church, you could buy “loft style” condos here.
Their cornerstone is cool though! Love and…
I thought this was a Menchies, got excited and then got sad when I realized it wasn’t.
Look what you did Drake!
My adorable Grandma before her surgery.
Nancy and I walked around for a bit during my Grandma’s surgery and we went to this little coffee shop. It was really cute, indie coffee culture is slowly growing in Winnipeg. She also took me to a little book store called Zed Books. It’s kind of like BMV but smaller. I got three books, Love in the Time of Cholera, Push and a book of poems by Lord Alfred Tennyson. It was great! They were buy two get one free and only cost 16 bucks in total… as much as one book almost.
We also spent a nice time with Nancy updating me about her life and talking about our families and how crazy they are and stuff. Talking with Nancy is always one of my favourite parts of seeing her.
Like a David’s Tea that sells yummy waffles and sandwiches.

Till next time ~~ I hope you’re doing well Janet! I MISS YOU 😦


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