I think it’s because I’m dreading dinner over at my aunt and uncle’s tonight that I’m hit with a crazy sense of home sickness.
I miss having baristas understand what I mean when I say “No foam”. Seriously, every time I say that I still get foam and I never make them remake my drink because I know how annoying it is.
I miss being with my family who understand me and don’t make those oh so funny jokes about my size. I miss not receiving back hand compliments. I miss being around people who *know* that I’m more than how I look. It’s like the fact that I have good manners, can speak Vietnamese and stuff don’t even matter because I’m not the “right” Asian girl size.
They all think I’m so passive and calm because I know I can’t react or sass back at them otherwise I end up being in the wrong and it gets back to my mom and I’m in a whole other cycle of shit.
I miss joking with my mom. I miss texting my friends. I miss being around a multicultural place. Honestly, who mispronounces “Vietnamese”?! Who makes a “Vietnamese style” chicken sub with pad thai sauce and CHEESE? Torontonians all know what banh mi is and they would not put up with this Safeway shit. I miss city lights. I miss walking around all night and having everything be open.
I miss my bed, I miss my apartment. I miss sarcasm. I miss being around people who want to know who *you* are. I miss having ten different things to see in the city. I miss reliable, mass transit. I saw like 10 not in service buses yesterday during rush hour!
Sigh, four more days.
At least I get to see my cousin tonight!!!
Today's feature image is by Kiki Xue.

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