So dinner wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe they’ve mellowed out with age or I just put myself on guard just in case. And I’m mood swinging like Tarzan on his vines to get to Jane.
I met Nancy’s boyfriend for the first time yesterday along with her friends Jan and Katrina. I had met Katrina my first day here and like a spazz I ended up callin gher Christina.
I have a horrible track record of embarrassing myself whenever I get introduced to someone’s boyfriend so I was wondering what type of shenanigans I would get up to this time. I’m not even anxious about it anymore, I just know it’s inevitable.
So when Nancy told everyone that we were going out for coffee that night her dad made her call her friend and make him drive Grandma home first lol. What could possibly be more awkward than that? And plus Grandma sat in the front seat with Jan and it was a slightly awkward ride.
After we dropped Grandma off we went to pick up Nancy’s boyfriend Wynn and then they drove around until we ended up at this bubble tea place called “Moment”. It was really good to being with people who got sarcasm and we could joke around and be witty with. It was really good to meet the people in Nancy’s life and they were all really nice people.
Afterwards Nancy and I stayed up latelatelate just talking about love, family and our lives and stuff. It made me dead tired the next day but twas worth it. Later that evening I went out to dinner with my Great uncle and auntie. I remember the restaurant I once treated all of them to dim sum there back when I was working in Winnipeg that summer.
I saw Tommy’s children for the first time since I left and Ethan is so adorable!!! With his missing teeth and little voice. Arianna was so cute but they were shy and I got shy around them ahahahah. Oh well, next time I see them they will probably be teenagers. They were so adorable playing together and hugging and kissing each other though.
Anywho~ I’m off home soon!!! I can’t wait. My trip to Winnipeg this time was better than my last one but still… I can’t wait to breathe in the dirty Toronto air.
Today's featured image is of Mirai Chan by Kawashima Kotori

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