There has never been a single person in human history quite like Katheryn. Stunning to look at and exciting to be near – cold as ice. She cares about absolutely no one but herself. This girl has elevated self absorption into an art form. She believes in nothing and laughs in the face of sadness, faith, and sincerity. A person (?solely?) observing her and having seen the damage she’s done to so many would most likely classify her as EVIL. She scoffs at any and every type of religion, all the while manipulating other by using the idea of being religious to her advantage. She’ll steal monetarily or emotionally from anyone who crosses her path, and spends night after night in a drunken, drug-induced debauchery but lives this other life as the conservative project angel. She is, in a sense, brilliant as evidenced by the fact that she has completely fooled each person she has ever had to – except me – and she knows it. We are very similar people except I HAVE a heart and, from time to time, actually feel emotion. Kathryn does not. I have seen her break the spirits of others, cheat on anyone supposedly important to her – and all of those things she’s done without a second thought.
I’ve really been putting off blogging about the last (and best) day of my trip due to laziness and work lol.
And it’s October!!! So new background image~ This is from Cruel Intentions. It’s a page out of Sebastian’s journal about his nefarious step-sister Kathryn. Halloween is about all the dark things lurking beneath and I feel that nothing exemplifies that more than Kathryn Merteuil.
Oh well, I have time before I head off to Nuit Blanche with Andrea, Janet and Galena–who’s finally back!!! I think we’re also meeting up with Ryan and his friends but I’m not 100% sure. I simultaneously want to go, but also don’t want to go? Mainly out of laziness. But it’s a runaway train at this point.
My bubble tea cover from Moment. It reminded me of Janet and I ahaha

So! Winnipeg trip… the day after I met Nancy’s boyfriend we were suppose to go out that night, (Friday) but I got a searing headache so I begged off and spent the day with my Grandma, reading and watching TV.

It was kind of surreal for me to be watching this on my Grandmother’s TV. When I was younger my Grandpa would tape dozens of these episodes along with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck for me. I still have the tapes!
The next day was my official “last” full day in Winnipeg. There were plans to have dinner at a family friend’s (lol one of the many I was treated to during my time there!) And then I was going to Winnipeg’s Nuit Blanche with Nancy. So that Saturday I decided to try the two restaurants I had been meaning to try all week. (Can you tell that I’m a procrastinator?)
My first stop was Unburger! I first saw it when I was doing my mini walking tour of Osbourne Village. They boasted “healthy” burgers and I figured why not? I mean… how healthy can you make a burger (besides vegan)?
It’s a cute little restaurant, I liked their spacious design. The menu board was a little bit confusing to read. Partially because of the way they divided the sections + their burger descriptions are REALLY long. I ended up choosing the “Blue and Gold” burger. I basically saw “blue cheese” and said YES. I wish I took longer to peruse the menu because The Donald sounds amazing.
When you’re being rung through you can see the screen and it says little things like “Good choice!” or “That’s a healthy burger! Yay!” They also give you a bunch of little toys instead of an order number if you eat in. And that shows up on the screen too haha.
It wasn’t that long of a wait. The restaurant is pretty small and there’s one huge common seating area.
You have the option of getting an “original” bun (like the regular burger bun), a multigrain bun or lettuce instead. I got multigrain because I was still dizzy from the menu haha. But it was really good!!!
Blue cheese, artisan lettuce, fancy tomato, balsamic onions andchipotleaioli

The “fancy” tomato wasn’t the regular wide type you get in burgers… I think this one was more of a roma tomato? It was on the sweeter side, the type you use to make tomato sauce. I didn’t really enjoy the balsamic onions, with the tomato it almost made it too sweet. Verging on candy-sweet. I also wished that they had more cheese haha. If I ever go back to Winnipeg I’m definitely going back to this place though.
Also, while I was waiting for my burger I found a bag of coke. Or MDMA. I don’t know. But it was powdery and it was definitely drugs. I think it was from this guy who rushed out the restaurant to avoid a parking ticket. I’ve never done coke or MDMA before and I didn’t feel like it was a good time to start experimenting. I also couldn’t take it with me on the plane home so… I left it in the bathroom for someone to either throw out or take.
Afterwards I decided to go to Kawaii Crepe, which I thought was a Menchies but no… I still like crepes though. It was really crowded in there! I feel like it was Toronto’s Cafe Crepe with Menchie’s cuteness.
Kawaii Crepe menu!
The menu was split up into savoury and sweet crepes, with all-day breakfast crepes! You also had the option of making your own, and you can actually see it being made and you see all the fresh ingredients and everything.
Lemony snicket!!
Since I just had a burger I figured I’d get a sweet crepe. I got “And Everything Nice”. I figured it wouldn’t be too sweet and it’s lighter than the other ones.
Nutella for days!
I also got a strawberry black tea (my go to for all iced teas!) The wait for the crepe was a little bit long as they were so busy. And they forgot my tea but twas all good.
The crepe was HUGE. And it you get it “for here” then you get it in a little crepe holder too. It was really yummy and the perfect dessert. (See Janet, I DO eat dessert!)
Strawberry black tea with real strawberries in it!
Thankfully I had several hours to digest before I went to Co Fun’s house for dinner. They always have the *freshest* tasting food because they grow a lot of it themselves. I had the best and BIGGEST zucchinis of my LIFE there. It was a little weird being there because Nancy and their daughters had known each other for life (like how I was with Sylvia and Michelle) and we’re sort of quasi-related? Like my grandfather adopted their parents and stuff. But yeah, this is literally the third time I’ve ever met them haha.
Jennifer ended up driving Nancy and I to Nuit Blanche because her faculty was going to have a “sofa lounge” party there. In all honesty, it sounded really cool when they were describing it, but the actuality of it… was a bit of a let down. It was also freezing (by Toronto standards) that night too! It was in a very nice park, but I think because there wasn’t enough lighting no one really knew what was there, plus it was REALLY small! A lot of bubble furniture though which gave me a nostalgic kick.

I’m so mad, my camera decided to malfunction and I lost all of my Winnipeg Nuit Blanche pictures. There were some really cool exhibits! I only have two pictures from my two favourite ones from that night. But they are pictures of pictures lol. ~META~

This was one of the first ones we went to see at a place called “Hut K” (I’ll edit it later when I can get all my paraphernalia. It was in a furniture store and this was really compact living! Like there’s a desk on the other side and there’s space for your clothes, books etc. That black thing is the kitchen part. Urban living? There were also these cool hanging lamps that you could put together like metallic origami.

We also went to this gallery but they were closed at 12 =/ and there was this huge air vent installation made out of plastic wrap stuck out of a wall. A band playing on a roof (they weren’t half bad) and then we went to Plug-In at University of Winnipeg where they had fantastic art by Melanie Rocan. All her paintings were full of so much colour but she made it all work. This was my favourite piece by her. Check her other stuff out here.

Afterwards we went to Stella’s for breakfast. It was really cute and everything was delicious. I got the smoked salmon benedict with gin iced tea.

It was a cute book end to my trip. I started with art, ended with art.

The next day I had to go home, so my Uncle took me to Double Greeting (again… haha). I got their shrimp rice flour this time. I’m not a big fan of eating big before a flight as the taxing always makes me feel queasy.

My Ong Cau and his wife and their grandchildren came as well. Arianna was finally use to me on my last day!!! It killed me haha. The next time I see them they’ll probably be teenagers and then they won’t want to play with me. lolol.

It was a really beautiful fall day when I went home. We were driving through my Ong Cau’s neighbourhood and all the leaves were falling so that was lovely. It was kind of sad because I could remember the way I would walk home that awful summer in Winnipeg. My bus ride and everything… we also drove past the last place my Grandpa and Grandma lived together and that made my Grandma and I both really sad.

By the time they dropped us off at the airport she started to cry and then I started to cry and it was just sad times all around.

Nancy’s friend (and Katrina’s boyfriend) Jan was working then so he had already checked me in and upgraded my flight and preferred screening so that was nice. God he saw me all sniffly LOL.

I was getting really psyched to go home, Janelle Monae’s Suite V electric overture was playing (perfect travel music imo) and I see my plane come in… and they announce a delay! I figured it’d take like maybe an extra 20 minutes but no… THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!!!

So they gave us food vouchers for twenty bucks to wait things out… I got this other guy’s extra ones because they don’t cover alcohol and that was all he wanted. I bought myself a pizza that I ate over the course of three hours while reading two books and getting into a quarter of the third hahah. I used the extra vouchers to buy a wrap and a salad which my brother promptly ate when I got home.

The flight was really rough haha. We hit turbulence like three times. But I enjoy things like that LOL. It makes for an exciting ride.

Bye Winnipeg!!!
It was so cloudy~

Anyways, now I’m home… on Monday I got a really easy shift. I did tips, trained and did some set up so I didn’t really have to interact with the regular flow of things. Afterwards I went to Jack Astor’s with Janet where we had copious amounts of cheese and carbs so that was when I felt officially home haha.


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