Toronto’s Nuit Blanche was last night! I ended up going with Andrea, her friend Sherry and Janet joined up with us later. Galena was out with a stomach ache. My stupid fail camera (joking I love it but it was frustrating me.) Didn’t end up taking the pictures I thought it did, or the files were corrupted so I couldn’t view them. During my bus ride I was trying to format my memory card so it’d be in tiptop shape but I couldn’t view any of the photos I’d taken so…
But it was really fun! It was the first Nuit Blanche in years that I really saw a lot of exhibits. Of course there were the usual grumps who were going, “Is this art? This is stupid!” but whatever.
The first thing Andrea and I saw was this castle made out of old garbage cans! It was really cute, and people could go inside it. Then we saw this incredibly high definition screening of Mars? I believe it was. The quality was not to be believed!

This was showing “Watermark” which was a TIFF film. It was kind of odd viewing it as it was a cube and each side seemed to be showing something different.

This was something we meant to come back to. They would shred really expensive metallic paper and then the three girls would each carry them to the pile in different ways. One girl had to push it on her knees, one carried it on her shoulder and I think the third used her hands. I wonder what it became.
This was a really cool piece. I loved all the colours and details on it. Especially the second one. It was like all the generations of women in a family. You can’t see it but the younger woman is cradling a baby girl. Nuit Blanche was crowwwwwded!!! And everyone wanted their picture taken in front of the art.
This piece was in Cloud Gardens and was called “Campfire”. (There’s this mini cave thing there.) At first it just looked like some people standing around a campfire but they were actually projections on silhouettes!
Not part of Nuit Blanche, but I had never been to Cloud Gardens before but this wall piece was too cool! Because so much of downtown was closed off we ended up going to many parts of the city that I had never been to before. It really opened up my eyes about the city and it’s reminding me (again) to do my “Toronto Wanderings”.
Even Goodlife got into it and made their light display really pretty that night!
Inadvertent bokeh lol
This was in the labyrinth. There were some bikes that you could ride in a circle and the wheels all said something en Francais. There were a lot of cool exhibits around Trinity square.
I’m so mad that my pictures of the sock canopy never showed up!!!! There was this HUGE walkway and there were a bunch of (clean) socks on the clothesline. It was so funny and the feeling of getting hit in the face by clean socks reminds me of childhood haha. Of course, this being the city people stole pairs of socks just because they could… even though the socks were going to be donated to the homeless.
There was another really cool installation nearby, I can’t remember the name right now but I’ll edit when I get home!!
This was one was in the church there… originally we were going to bypass it because the lineup looked too long but it was only about five minutes since they let in so many people at the same time. This piece was called Familia and they collected dining chairs from all over and they are actually reflected in the mirrored surface. We’re suppose to hear them move together like people shifting their chairs around the dinner table. It was dead silent though.
This was on the way to Nathan Philip’s Square and there was a mni DJ booth that everyone was hobnobbing around and this father lifted up his son and proceeded to dance with him like that haha.
This was actually one of my favourite pieces! But my camera couldn’t seem to pick up the words :(. It’s lit up in HUGE lights and it’s from an Angelus Silesius poem: The rose is without why; it blooms because it blooms; it pays no attention to itself, asks not whether it is seen. Which is a pretty good summation about art itself I think. Luckily that and a few other key exhibits are sticking around for awhile so hopefully I can see them again without the hordes of people.
Ai Wei Wei’s Forever Bicycles was one of this year’s biggest installations. There are 3144 weather proof aluminum bikes all tacked together! It was really gorgeous to see all lit up. And you could walk through it too! Needless to say it was difficult getting close to it.
There was also a couple who just got married or something trying to get their pictures taken in front of all the art pieces. But hey… that’s Toronto right? haha
Again not part of Nuit Blanche but these talented boys set up shop near Nathan Philip’s Square and wowed the crowd with all of their tricks and b-boying. Again fail camera only caught the guy who did ridiculous things with a soccer ball and not even all the tricks either!
We had been noticing a lot of people walking around with these cool origami hats on all night and we stood in line ages to get one of them! They were actually part of an exhibit called Paper Orbs and you walked through this pop-up tunnel thing and you could grab a hat/collar.
After we got these we met up with Janet and went to eat because by then we were all starving and I really had to take care of my lady business. We ended up getting shawarmas and they were soooo good!
Afterwards we wanted to get these awesomely HUGE balloons that we saw some people carrying. It turned out to be from one of the most terrifying exhibits of all…
This was suppose to serve as the clowns’ factory where the clowns are the workers and we could help them do their thing and get a balloon as a prize. We tried to get Andrea noticed but then they went on break and yeah… a clown gave Andrea ribbons though hahahah. I would rather have had a balloon though. They also lit up inside!!!
We also passed by an exhibit called Parralax or something which played with lights and sound. The sight of all those open holes though… gah I don’t like it ahaha.
We also saw Cancer is our story which was a cool yet creepy video.
The last exhibit Janet and I saw was Monster Child… aka Aragog. IT WAS TERRIFYING. IT MOVED. And there was this wheel thing you could spin and ask it questions. What would Ron Weasley do?
We did get in line for this cool globe thing where on one side people filled out these surveys and games that detected their thought patterns and those were projected into this globe that others could watch. Janet and I were dead tired though so we begged off home, I hope Andrea and Sherry had fun though.
Gah there were 112 exhibits!!! Perhaps next year I shall plan this out a lot better. But twas good times~

Last night’s freebies~



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