Thinking of TIME. Not the magazine, the thing with which everyone knows of and pays with. The same currency. That’s what I wanted to put in but can’t figure out the wording of yet.
Anyways TIME (the currency. maybe I should sub the Euro sign for the e?)
Okay so, [time].
I notice that when I’m relaxing time seems to move slower than when I’m doing stuff. Like I mean real relaxing. not thinking about the next thing coming up, next chores, next shifts, next bills just sitting there and being ONE.
And I think that it’s like we don’t even notice it going… so when we look and see how little time has passed I think it’s because in our Oneness stage we can literally feel each second. And each second is the most meaningful pleasurable thing.
So it gets me to wondering about that time Janet and I talked about our awesome movie idea- DON’T FUCKING STEAL IT I’LL KNOW IF YOU DO. I WONT EVEN GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT IT JUST IN CASE.
It’s centered around the idea of Taoism, I believe, and how there are multiple universes and in each of those universes is another us which stemmed from choices we made.
So like the me who knows about this and conciously acknowledges its presence is the me right now but in another universe meII (lol seee what I did there?) learnt about this and then promptly forgot it and then meIII might have let this take over her whole life and it’s her new life goal to hunt all of us maybe-copies down and kill us.
And live our lives because she hated her original one but what she doesn’t realize is that each choice she makes will make a different possibly better life and there’s no point killing us all off because we are almost one and the same.
And it also got me to thinking about relationships and like say in this universe I date Bob and then I break up with Bob but meII might still be dating Bob and even if meII broke up with Bob later on meIV might still choose to stay with Bob. So like no one ever really leaves out lives.
And like I’ve heard the theory that everyonbe we meet in this life (even briefly or passing by the street) is someone who’s been in our past life in a possibly different role.
Like in this lifetime Janet and I are soulmates. But maybe in another we were enemies or in another we just passed by in the street.
But what if it isn’t really a past life at all but compatible parts of the multiverse?
Or like we’re stuck with the same cast of characters and each lifetime is a chance to embark on something new and every one in abillionth is a true do-over that you had wished at the time to happen.
Back to the compatible multiverse it agains goes back to choices. Like Janet and I kinda chose to be friends and like continue the firendship where in another universe meIII has chosen not to. And her life is all the worst for it hahahahaha that’s why she wants to kill me probz.
So back to relationships. Romantic ones. If no one ever leaves your life what’s up with that Chinese red string of fate theory I really like?
i mean if no one ever leaves and there’s one of us that will always stay with that person it kind of negates that chinese red string of fate doesn’t it?
So thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that while all of us are SIMILAR we are still different so that’s why we all have different albeit SIMILAR loves.
And we’re different because of the choices we make. Like say I was faced with driving drunk and not driving drunk.
The me now has chosen to not drive drunk (because thats a dumb thing to do lbh) but meIII has chosen to drive drunk. And we’re all evolving all the time into trillions and squillions of different selves.
It’s still a part of me but it’s not part of who I become y’know?
Today's feature image is from Tumblr.

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