Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I was suppose to work today but I gave away my shift… yeah it’s time and a half but I really just needed a day to myself where I didn’t do anything or talk to anyone. II’m probably going to regret this come payday but meh.

I ended up doing all my Saturday chores today anyways so that was good. I’m all prepped for my 6:30AM shift tomorrow too.

Last week was pretty fun~!

I bought my winter jacket for the year and it better last me for awhile. It’s all black with a hood and it’s warm so… for 200 bucks this better be for LIFE! I also bought a whole bunch of new bras because they were a) on sale and b) I really needed new ones. Last week I was worried that my breasts grew (again…) so I went to the store and asked the saleslady to borrow her measuring tape so I could measure myself and she was like “No, we do it for you.” So then she told me to raise my arms up and I sobbed on the inside as she touched me HAAHAH.

I’m very particular about people touching my body/seeing me. I don’t even let my mom come into my room so for this stranger who yes, is helping me was a very uncomfortable experience. Afterwards Janet and I were originally going to go to Gangster Burger because we were on a strict 20$ budget but they didn’t have seating then we got distracted by Rock Lobster but they were full so we finally got to try To-Ne Sushi!

It was soooo good! Even though Janet and I were on a budget the moment we saw “lobster” we were like “YES. WE NEED THAT.” That’s our logic haha. But the plating for everything was really lovely and the lobster tempura was the biggest thing I ever saw and now I know that Moriwase means huge. Stupid fail camera’s battery died on me so I didn’t get a picture of it’s epic-ness. But perhaps we shall go there again soon.

Anyways, on Saturday it was originally suppose to be a Girls catch-up session with Amy, Grace and Helen. But Helen was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at Marc’s place and she invited Amy and I to crash too haha.

I only usually meet Marc at big eating events and that random time at Nuit Blanche so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. But I’m going to try to break out of my comfort zone now and befriend people without the help of alcohol. Cause I’m 24 years old and that stopped being cute at 23.

In the morning I was suppose to meet up with Amy and Grace at 2:30 and literally at the same time we all texted each other saying that we were going to be late LOL. This is why we’re all friends.

I ended up being *really* late for Amy and Grace was at Vaughn Mills with her mother so it was just Amy and I for awhile. We chatted as we helped her find dress pants for work. We wandered all over the Bay before finding them at Topshop of all places.

Afterwards we met up with Helen and I was really happy that Amy decided to go because like me she’s an awkward turtle. The only difference is that I end up really chatty. And stupid things just fall out of my mouth.

Marc’s condo was really nice! He got an EIGHTEEN POUND turkey!! It looked like two newborns. We helped Helen make this really nice unhealthy salad lol. We crushed candied pecans by hand and it had strawberries a vinagrette with bacon grease and bacon yum. We had extra bacon so we all just sat around eating bacon.

There was also a lot of hiphop being played while Marc was carving the turkey which made it really dramatic and hilarious.

I finally got to meet the people Helen’s always talking about like Gerhard his adorable girlfriend, Jeffrey, Andrew and Karan. Jane came with Jeffrey and it was great because we both experienced the whole “traditional” Thanksgiving together for the first time.

We took a lot of pictures and tried a lot of different beers and wines. Plus Andrew made the most amazing jello shots!!! And during dinner we actually went around the table and said something that we were grateful for. There were also TWO pies. This amazing pumpkin pie from Moo Milk Bar that was honestly one of the best things I ever tasted. I was too full for the apple pie from some bakery in Leslieville but it looked so amazing.

Haha I can be funny and not super awkward with strangers! So that was really nice for me… lol. I also got to hang out with Little Helen for a bit! That was lovely. We also tried to play the LOTR drinking game but if we had kept it strict we would have all been wasted.

It was a good ending to the week overall… I started my university and college applications yesterday… I just have an essay to write for it. I also started my passport application again so yeah! I was feeling super responsible and “together” so I watched Big Tips Texas and IT’S SO GOOD. Sabrina’s my favourite lol. It’s fab reality TV.

Anyways, back to my essay and doing things in my travel journal~

Happy thanksgiving y’all~

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