My first trip to Ripley’s Aquarium was on October 28th. I went with Laura and Janet and it was the best time! I had been excited for this to open for about a year now and it totally lived up to my expectations.

Stupid fail camera was being wonky again so I lost a lot of pictures my first trip there. (My second trip I got to keep all of them :D)
The aquarium is AMAZING. Easily one of my favourite places to go to in Toronto. Yeah it’s 30 bucks but I think it’s so worth it. It’s still crazy crowded with everyone trying to take pictures but I’d go there again and again… haha.
You can pet crabs, stingrays and sharks! And they have this amazing walkway where all the sharks and fish swim over you. You’ll see in all the pictures soon!!
Anyways this week I also got my first smart phone on the 30th. It’s an LG Optimum 9… I think it’s called? I’ve been having trouble texting on it as I’m use to my flip phone. Janet and I headed up to Pacific Mall to get it unlocked. We got so many different answers from like every store. One store didn’t unlock my phone (they only did galaxies and iphones… snobs haha.) One store told me that if I unlocked it, it wouldn’t work for the network I wanted (lies) and the other store said it would cost 50$ and take a week.
But the store immediately after that said it would take half an hour and be 15$. So I won all around~
I also got an Instagram that day (Janet insisted she wanted more followers.) so if you guys have one feel free to follow me~
That Saturday was Andrea’s birthday! We had brunch at Brassaii. Janet and I were kind of out of it as we had indulged in a home made make your own burger bar and brownies. But we found a way to eat the eggs benedict (SO GOOD) and an extra side of bacon lol. Brassaii is a really cute restaurant, I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Yes they laid on top of bacon and we got more bacon…
After brunch we went out for some coffee at Niche where Janet and I sampled some of their cookies which were the bomb dot com. (As the youngin’s like to say.)
I was suppose to go to Melissa’s belated Halloween party that night but I was too exhausted and Janet was leaving for Prague the next day so… welp. Haha but I did enjoy sleeping. I am old.
And I’m such a spazz so my computer froze and had to be restarted so I lost even more of the pictures from my first trip there so all aquarium pictures will be in a separate post because I’m a knob head.

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