First *real* blog post in a long time… But I’ve been really *together* this past week ha~ I would like for it to continue but I highly doubt it.
I can’t believe it’s only ten days to Christmas!! I felt like November dragged by forever and December is whizzing by. Haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet because I am broke as a joke and that makes me sob.
So around mid-November Helen, Grace and I actually got together! It wasn’t a birthday celebration and it wasn’t new years. I’ve been really fortunate to have found friends who, even though I don’t spend every day with we’re still super close. We went to dinner at Bestellen and it was AMAZING~!
We were originally going to try to grab the champion platter from Bar Isabel but then Helen showed me the menu from Bestellen…
Anyways, it was a really cute little restaurant and the food was to die for.
32 oz. cote de boeuf with roasted bone marrow
Squash arancini with honeyed apples and sage
Spicy Tokyo turnips and greens and acorn squash with fall apples and pine nuts.
They also had this amazing bread to go with the bone marrow. Bone marrow is one of my favourite things to eat and I’m glad that it’s appearing on more menus now. It was such a great meal and it was so much fun catching up on everyone’s lives.
Afterwards we were craving dessert so we had to go up to Yorkdale to get Grace’s car and she drove us up to Finch where we went to Cafe Princess for dessert. It was Helen’s first time there so they got cake and I got a waffle sandwich with peanut butter and jelly.
Taking PB&J to another level
It was really crowded for a Friday night and Helen was tripping out over how much it looked like a cafe from a Korean drama. It was really funny watching Kitty texting in this atmosphere, it was like every scene from every drama ever.
Then we went to Twister Karaoke. I’m pretty sure I went there during my 18th birthday, and I usually avoid karaoke at all costs but I was actually really comfortable? Probably because I’ve known these girls for over ten years… I think karaoke is one of those things that only feel right when you’re with a good group of people.
All in all it was a great night, even though I did end up staying up 24 hours that night. ha~
Gobernador and carnitas!
In the beginning of December Janet, Helen and I finally got tacos from Seven Lives in Kensington Market. They are some of the best tacos I have ever, ever had in my whole life. Afterwards we managed to scarf down churros with dulce de leche. Kensington always has the greatest Latin food.

Let’s see… yesterday Janet and I tried to do pizza and alcohol night like days of yore… only to come to the realization that we can’t really do it anymore. We also tried to do a Gossip Girl drinking game and realized how impossible it was and how much plaid that everyone wears on the show. It was a cozy night because of the snow storm and I buried Janet in pillows and stuffed animals lol.

Huh… I guess I hadn’t realized how much fun I’ve had these past two months until I really sat down and wrote about it. Usually I’m just like, “UGHHHHH STARBUCKS. UGHHHH WORK. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PEOPLE. UGHHHHHH GO HOME. UGHHHHH HATE YOU. UGHHHH YOU ARE USELESS. UGHHHHH YOU’RE ALL DUMB.”

But… yeah. Life’s pretty great! I guess to make it perfect would be if I had more money.

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