The Romantic and the Philosopher XI

The Romantic had been off of Love for six years. She went cold turkey and soon her cravings for it were faint at best. Then she scored a hit of what the Philosopher was dealing and she had never felt so high.
The cravings came back and then she kept going back for more and each time the price was just another piece of her heart, another token of her pride.
It was the adrenaline, the inspiration to write while the Philosopher was still in her life that made Love 2.0 seem new and different from the past.
I want to write you to life. What am I going to write about when you leave? Who am  going to write about when I can live with your absence? Just when I think I’m done, you move my hand to the page. 
When all the Romantics past Ideals had left it was only then when she chased Love with shots of Heartache that she wrote. Her characters became the men who did everything she had wanted them to do but didn’t. Her characters hurt her the way that they did but then repented for it.
Do you want another hit? the Philosopher asked with a glance.
The Romantic sighed and said, I don’t know what I want from you my dear Philosopher. But I don’t want you to leave just yet. 

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