The Romantic and the Philosopher XII

At what point do you stop caring? Or, have you merely decided that you no longer have anything to lose? So text him anyways.
(The answer depends on how you feel when he does not text you back.)
The Romantic was that point where she no longer cared, (or so she thought.) She decided that she’ll eat that herb and garlic cream cheese, she’ll drink that cup of wine and no, she will not brush her hair today.
And that’s precisely when:
The Philosopher shows up.
The Philosopher calls her.
The Philosopher asks her to go out dancing.
Or so she hopes.
Because that’s how it always happens in the movies right? The novels all say that loves comes at the most inopportune time, the movies tell you that Love happens when you are not prepared at all, when you’ve just about given up…
Therein lies the magic. Those are the terms and conditions, you must accept before you complete your registration. Take five minutes to do this survey and we’ll send you the password.
The Romantic gets impatient, she tells herself that it’s pointless to pin all of her hopes on the Philosopher.
So she uses her breath spray, runs her fingers through her hair and tries to look nonchalant. There’s a chance, (however minuscule) that she might meet Someone Else.
She pretends to people watch when really she’s just watching for him.
Does it matter how long she waits?
The answer depends on how she feels when the Philosopher does not show.
My heart. The way it stops and starts at the glimpses of you I pretend not to notice. I have given you everything though you did not ask for it. It makes me want to cry but I can’t because how do you justify crying over nothing?

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