The Romantic and the Philosopher XIII

I see you about five times a day, everyday. Usually it’s a trick of the light or when I blink you turn into someone else.
I sometimes think I’m driving you away purposely, just to see if you’ll fight back.
I think about giving up on you all the time and letting my inspiration die.
Okay, what I really want to admit is that:
I saw you thrice.
And the fourth time, the fourth time!!!! I saw you, see me and I wanted you to come over but you did not and I laughed a little louder so that I could say that I was tearing up over that and not over you.
It’s the anxiety of possibly seeing you that makes me so erratic. It’s the glimpses and tricks of the light that cause me my heart to swoop up and down. It’s the thought of you that keeps me up all night. And those tremors I feel, are just waves of sadness crashing over me again and again.

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