What an insane week!!!!
I can’t believe it’s only four days till Christmas! I guess the biggest news of the week was that Janet got engaged!!!
I was honestly in shock for the whole day after she told me, I literally could not come up with any other feelings every time I thought about her engagement. By the end of the night that wore off and I started feeling insanely excited and happy for her. I guess because Janet’s one of my best friends this one hit me really hard that we’re all in our mid-20s now… and this is a total normal occurrence.
It’s still so insane, my first thought when she told me was, “BUT WE’RE CHILDREN. WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ENGAGED.”
So… yeah! I think that’s basically my big news of the week. It actually kind of eclipsed my love of Beyonce’s new album. Which I totally love more than all her other albums combined.
Hours lately in December have been terrible but now I have to take every single thing that I can because I have to save up to go to Prague for Janet’s wedding!!! Which in itself, is a dream come true.
I’m working on my book list from 2013 and let’s just say I surpassed my goal of 190 by… a lot. A lot, a lot.
I’m excited for 2014!!!!
Peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery

I phantomed at Tony’s store on Friday which is right next to the market so I decided to pop in after work for a little treat and THERE WAS SO MUCH BACON IN THIS SANDWICH OMG. A peameal sandwich is a Toronto delicacy and I was just thinking that I should also have poutine and be really Canadian but then I’d die of a heart attack 😦

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