Hi guys!
I hope everyone had a very lovely Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you’re enjoying the few days off!
Toronto was hit by a major ice storm last week and even now there are still hundreds of thousands without power. I only had to suffer two and a half days without power so I’m really fortunate.
My building still doesn’t have emergency lighting however so I’ve had to go up and down the stairs in pitch black darkness. You think they would have solved this problem after the black out in August but nope. You don’t realize how terrifying Rihanna’s Russian Roulette is until you hear it crawling up and down in inky blackness.
Ice trees all around~
There aren’t enough candles =/
Down town didn’t suffer so much and if they did they always get their power back first. So I still ended up going to work and one day I came I still had cream all over my face lol. So my parent’s restaurant is down town so we ended up having Christmas dinner there. My aunt Utki came and she got me a cook book about eating foods according to your personality lol. It was a pretty chill Christmas, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.
Mama’s turkey~!
lol my aunt made my parents pose a million times
Christmas gift from the brother.
I’m also not in to work until next Friday… last bigpaychequefor awhile… I already putthe majority of it into savings for the impending Euro trip. Ha I thought I was up 700 already but then I forgot that I have to pay for passport fees and then the rest of my application fees. Whoops. But the date is kind of shifting so I’ll have more time to save. My parents also want me to buy them a new laptop by the end of January. Yikes.

Welp my 2012 journal has come to an end. It’s chocked full of work dates, book reviews and outings with friends. 2012 was a good and busy year still full of delicious noms. I’m already starting my 2013 planner, another Moleskine but red this time and decorated with a bunch of stickers from the Rookie yearbook lol.
I’m almost done my 2012 book list so get ready~~~
Crab cake sandwich @ Buster’s Sea Cove

I had this with Janet before Christmas eve! It was AMAZING just carbs on carbs. Sigh, it’s one of the last meals out because I need to save all my monies for everything that’s going to happen in 2014.

I really feel like everything’s in my grasp and all I have to do is just put up the cash and the paperwork.

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