Tom Ford advert.
Happy 2014 everybody!!!
I hope everyone had a fab New Years Eve and your day is going great! I had a really cozy NYE with my family. They had hotpot and Janet came over after work to eat and she finally met my mom and brother. We got home around three and I woke up pretty late and decided to attempt eggs Benedict this morning. The hollandaise did not go well. It didn’t thicken but it tasted good… soo I guess that’s all that matters? The recipe said it should thicken after whisking for three minutes but it didn’t. Oh well. I enjoyed it.
I need to work on making prettier poached eggs though. I had it on top of smoked salmon and bacon. Since I forgot to buy english muffins I used pumpernickle bread instead which is still delicious. The hollandaise basically came out really yolky but that’s fine since I love yolky toast.
First decadent day!
I watched Love Actually because my grandma always said that you should always watch a funny or happy movie on the first day so it carries through the rest of the year.
The last few days of 2013 were pretty productive. I finished my Romantic and the Philosopher series (finally), did my book list and 2014 budget!
On the 30th Janet and I went out to look at some white dresses with the plan to only spend ten dollars… she bought a bag and I bought a fab little straw hat (it might be a boater… not 100% sure) and then we ate everything.
We had cookies, then enchalidas and nachos from Sneaky Dee’s (SO BIG. SO GOOD.) Then pie from Wanda’s… and then froyo from Menchies and then ramen from Kenzo lol. It really felt like we just migrated from one restaurant to another. I also got four books from BMV for the price of one book from Indigo!
I have no regrets.
King’s Crown nachos
On wards to resolutions:
  • Be more responsible with my money
  • Get into a school for September. (Preferably Ryerson)
  • Be more environmentally friendly
  • Be a better friend
  • Respond to all texts the day I receive them
  • Have money to go to Prague and other parts of Europe!!!
  • Get into a healthier lifestyle
I think that’s it~ good luck to all of you~~

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