“When the Japanese repair broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.” – Yee Sookyung
So it’s the day after Lunar New Years and I know technically it’s still going on in Asia but where I am it just kind of dies down after the big day. I actually made it to temple this year. Last year when I went with my mother it was closed and I was kind of freaked out because what kind of temple closes on Lunar New Years?! Plus it was my year last year so I was extra superstitious that day ha.
I love the over powering smell of incense at the temple. Most people can’t stand it but to me it just smells so good lol. It’s a very specific brand of incense that I love and sometimes I just want to light it around the house but my mom says I shouldn’t.
My favourite parts of temple is getting my orange with my “fortune” for the year and making wishes and shaking the sticks and finding out if they’ll come true. I know I shouldn’t put so much stock in it but I do find it quite reassuring. In terms of my health and school I’m going to have an alright year. It won’t be fantastic but it won’t be terrible either which is good. Things will apparently start off hard but end up easier down the road.
I wished to have a fantastic trip this August ha. I was there forever, probably because it wasn’t the true wish in my heart and at one point I just gave up and was like “FINE. WILL I HAVE A BOYFRIEND THIS YEAR?!”
And then the stick with the number 8 fell out for the THIRD time and finally it was designated as mine. Well, apparently I’ll have a great love life and I’ll find a man this year. I originally told my mom that I wished for a good trip and you should have seen the look she gave me. She practically had a big “YOU ARE RIDICULOUS” sign over her head. ha
Either way I’m satisfied and happy.
I’ve been generally content and happy for awhile now, and it’s a little weird but I’ll take it. I guess a change in diet and exercise and stuff really does the spirit good so yay for me accomplishing goals.
Observations for the week:
1:30 pm, Saturday, subway station
A girl, about fifteen, with a group of her friends are waiting with me on the subway platform. It’s a mix of Asian, white and black girls and they’re all rowdy and loud in the way fifteen year olds are on the weekend. They’re all heavily into anime and Japanese/Lolita/Harajuku culture as evidenced by their Pikachu backpacks, school girl skirts with neon stripped socks, little maid skirts, cat ears, black chokers etc. Two of the white girls are the most heavily decked out and one of them is wearing a cat mask.
She’s the loudest and most insecure one in the group. She talks the loudest, laughs the loudest and in general calling the most attention to herself. But she keeps glancing around at everyone else and her smile falls and you can see her hitch it back up. She is putting out a very strong “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, I don’t give a fuck if you’re looking at me” vibe. She adjusts her cat mask and fiddles with her hair constantly.
She must have changed her outfit a bunch of times. Loving it but fretting about how she looks. Fretting about what people will think and the looks she will get. Finally she tells herself to forget about them and wear her outfit anyways.She’ll forget about herinitial reservations as the day goes on and by the time she comes home she’ll forget all about everyone else except what she did that day with her friends.11:11 pm, Sunday, the bus

An elderly black man just came on pulling a shopping cart behind him. Inside it is packed with video cassettes. Very few of them have their original covers. Movies I recognize: Terms of Endearment and Forbidden Love.

Where did the tapes come from? Scavenged from the trash/thrift stores/used video stores or all three? Are there any home videos in there? Does he watch all of them or is he going to take them to be recycled? Will any of these mean something to him?

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