Ah… what a tiring week.
Monday wasn’t so bad, Janet and I went to Fred’s Not Here for Winterlicious. We actually only did one this year as opposed to the other years when we said we’d do one and end up doing like three.
Fred’s Not Here was delicious as always, their crab and lobster soup is to die for… it’s one of the best restaurants to go to if you want to get your moneys worth.
Last week I was panicking about not having enough money for my trip but on Monday I found two euros so that made me feel a lot better haha. I’m going to take it as a sign that it will all be okay.
The rest of the week just went by in a blur with work. I was excited to see the little “R” beside my name because that means my review is soon and I’m going to ask for a very big raise. Not only because I need it but I damn well deserve it.
This week was annoying work wise… until Friday morning when it was a solid team. Even though we were slammed and everything got pushed back it was still great.
Erm… I’ve been eating well and exercising and seeing results so that’s good.
And… that’s it. That was my week. I’m exhausted. I just want more money.

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