Work, 8:50AM
“Okay, so there’s this really cute guy on Instagram… and I, really want to talk to him. So I liked a bunch of his pictures and then he liked a few of mine… I really want to get to know him better, he’s so cute, what do I do? Like should I just comment on one of his pictures like, ‘hey… smiley face’?”
“No, don’t do that. There will be awkward conversation that would go, ‘hey smiley face’ and a lot of ‘lol’.”
“True… ah it’s going to be so random, I’m so awkward!!”
“I don’t know.. wait till he does something like skydiving and then go, ‘Cool! Skydiving, I’ve always wanted to do that!’ And then… there you go.”
“Yeah… he has a cat, maybe I’ll comment on that.”

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