This week was good mainly because I got to see my girls on Monday! Also the weather was eerily good this week… I mean the sun was shining and I didn’t have to bundle up! To put it in the terms of that meme floating around: The air didn’t hurt my face.
Apparently next week it’s suppose to be cold again. I was happy for a white Christmas but at this point I’m just over it. Oh well, in the end it’s just weather.
Anyways on Monday I went out to dinner with Grace, Amy and Helen at Wakame. It’s like… the only sushi restaurant where we live lol. It’s AYCE so it wasn’t too bad. Typical angry Asian waitresses except for one which was nice.
It was really great catching up… ha soo remember my “solo” Euro trip? And how I was so adamant in it being solo? Well Grace, Amy and Helen may be tagging along! Well just for the beginning part in Paris.
I don’t mind, it’s different with them. We’ve been planning a trip together for years so why not?
Although this doesn’t change *my* plans in the least. I will still go on with what I plan to do. It’s kind of nice to bookend my trip with friends and then see how far I’ve come.
It all kind of hinges on planning at this point, waiting to see when Helen gets her rotation dates.
I started watching Twin Peaks again this week! I first watched it (well snuck it) when I was like 6/7. My mom had taped the episodes and it’s different watching it now obviously. It’s such a beautifully shot show… and I don’t know… it’s touched my life. Maybe because of the beauty of it or the storyline… or Audrey Horne (hi, new idol) or Donna’s hair (perfection).
It just… makes me think that all the things I like, I was born too late for.

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