Hi March.
(Also not even sure how I’m even titling/numbering my blog posts anymore. Technically over 80 posts but not all of them are rambly-about-my-life-y. I don’t know anymore. Also took ages to find the original artist to this month’s background image but God bless Google Image Search.)
There’s this really gross couple sitting behind my at my parents’ restaurant. They’re sitting at a table for six but of course they cuddle together on one side. Every time the door opens they are perpetually grateful that a large crowd has not come in. And they just went to the bathroom together so they can continue their conversation on the most shallow topics ever and cuddle of course.
I bought my ticket to Paris this week! It was a total steal at $499.16!!! Nico found it for me because she is a magical shooting star. Sad news, Helen has placement till mid-August and Grace has to go to Alabama for her brother’s wedding.
I had so many thoughts before… I guess that’s what makes me such a crap blogger. I just kind of let them stew around and then I either forget them or move on from them.
But yeah, buckling down on saving begins now. I mean this ticket makes this whole thing real in a way it wasn’t before. I believe I can save at least 4500 by my trip. Which Nico says will be more than enough even though I’m going during peak season but ugh money always, always worries me. I’d rather have too much than too little. Even “just enough” makes me nervous but ahh Nico, my wonderful, wonderful, friend is highly reassuring.
Travelling is a lot of work… from sorting out things to pack, to locking down what I want to see and for sure where I want to go so I can choose the best EUPass. I mean like I’d enjoy just walking around and seeing everything, go swimming and stuff but it sounds so scatter brained and aimless when I say that so I started Googling “Things to do in ____” and nearly gave myself a nervous breakdown because it’s all, “OH DO THIS, BUT ALSO DO THIS OFF THE BEATEN TRACK BUT DO THIS AND THEN THIS.” dkjfaslkdfjkadslfj. STAWWWWP.
So yes, I will just take a break from making an itinerary.
Ho hum… I’ve been stuck at my mom’s all day, normally I’d be making it back home this time but I have to quickly eat then go home and then sleep and then go to Starbucks (finally broke through the 11 dollar mark holla) and hate people again.
I also tore my favourite green pants or my favourite pants in all creation and that has put quite a damper on my evening. I can’t even blog anymore.

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