Some of my least favourite customers are at the restaurant right now and they are so fucking loud and say the dumbest fucking things I just want them to bag themselves. Get your facts straight you cheapskate morons.
This week was pretty great. We had like four days of pretty decent weather. Two were especially great and the other two were alright but then we had the most insane snow storm of life. Bleh it’s also suppose to snow this coming week and we’re all over it but hopefully this will be the last of it?
Lol finally broke through the $11 mark at work \o/. What a fucking joke. But if I want to be a gracious person I won’t complain but still feel like I’m not being paid enough to do all of the shit I have to do there. I don’t care about all the ~compliments~ that’s not going to buy my metropasses and my groceries.
Still being dangled around by Ryerson. Every time I get some email from them I think it’s ~the one~ but it’s just filler. Just let me in damn it.
Thursday was pretty rad, ate some majorly good food with Soulmate.
Happy Hooker
We split the shrimp po’boy, baja fries and each had a mahi mahi taco and grouper taco. It was pretty stellar those fries are to die for. Then we walked over to Porchetta & Co. for their house special.
Porchetta & Co.
The best pork sandwich I have ever had no lie. Even better than Clubhouse and I love that place. It was filled with porchetta, crackling, truffles, parmesean, hot sauce and mustard. Ugh I want another one~~~
Afterwards we went to Menchies for some froyo and all together we spent about only 20 bucks on food which was pretty greatttt!!!!
Also lost 3 lbs this week so what what.
Tsering is back now and I’m going to see her Monday lol idk what we’re going to do. If anything. Ah so much has happened since she’s been gone. It feels like years but it’s only been a few months. I wonder if she’s coming back to Starbucks. It’d be pretty great but we’re overflowing with shifts at the moment. Two of us might be sent to a new store and I’m kind of on the fence about whether or not I want to go. I think it might depend on who’s being sent to be honest.
Also have decided that I’m going to go roller skating for my birthday!! I hope it’ll be lots of fun but I’m like 90% sure there will be people who are like what the fuck. why all the way in Sauga? BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE IT IS YOU FUCKS.
And depending on numbers I might have dinner somewhere like Libretto or Beast but we shall see, we shall see~
So I follow this girl onInstagram andTumblr going byvilicity, and she’s talented and has personality so she gets a bunch ofdouchey questions about her life/work a lot more than say, me, for example.And one thing that kind of stuck out for me was the people who are like “Wow, youmust be rich! Your parentsmust be rich! That’s why you can go to Italy andbuy film and do these cool things!! Cause you’re rich!!”It’s like, did hard work and saving never figure into people’s minds? Like hey, here’s a thought maybe she has a job, maybe she saved a lot of money and made a lot of sacrifices so that’s why she’s in Italy! Maybe she’s there on a scholarship or whatever who really knows?

And with Facebook/Instagram etc. etc. everyone thinks/believes we’re sharing everything about our lives but we’re really not. We forget that we share just a portion of our lives. The times when we’re doing something fun/cool/exciting etc. etc. We put a filter on another filter with a witty caption and send it out into the world with a few hashtags and go YEAH! THAT’S MY LIFE!

Like we never share the everyday bits. The struggle to get up at 4AM and stumble around in the dark, hoping you’re using your tooth brush and not your brother’s. Running to catch the bus and eating breakfast on it, trying not to spill. The eight hours of making lattes and telling people to have a nice day when you really want them to bag their faces. Endless Facebook scrolling and complaining on your break only to be done and then you might go out for dinner at some place awesome with a friend and that gets shared. Or if you just go home, work out then sleep so no update today!!

And I just… people who automatically assume that someone is rich because they’re wearing the clothes you want or going travelling like you want to… but hey maybe if you stopped assuming you might end up with all those things? (Including dummies who ask if you’re rich.)

Stop reblogging all those motivational quotes/pictures and actually take it to heart.

I honestly thought the only way I could ever go to Europe was if I had a full time salaried job but I’m going in August and I work at Starbucks lol.

And I’m doing it myself by working 40 hour weeks, not going out as much as I use to, hunting down pennies and rolling them all up. Recycling bottles and n2o chargers because every cent counts.

And the thing is it’s so EASY. I never thought it was this easy. Yeah it sucks balls to cut back but then I remember, HEY I’M GOING TO EUROPE!

This rambl-y nonsensical post is a hot mess but idgaf because it’s my blog and I really can’t put any effort into spelling grammar syntax today because I just want to lie down.

Ok bye.

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