Waddup April?!

Ah bless I finally found the justified option on here. This makes me 10x happier. Fwee, I think I’ve sorted out the categories, tags etc. but can’t be too fussed in fixing up past posts. I wish there was a way to fix the size of the font but oh well. I’ve also had too much fun setting “feature images” on all the posts. I tried to make them all relate to the posts in some way but fuck it lol.

This promises to be a jam packed week though… from Thursday till Sunday at least. Will definitely go in depth on some of those things at a later date, (probably Saturday/Sunday). Mainly have to keep quiet because some things I’m not 100% sure about yet.

Erm… so far this week has been alright. The weather is finally better (thank God) but on Monday work was a hot mess. I walked in and EVERYONE was sick with some freak twenty four hour stomach flu. A girl called out because she was going to the hospital and one was still stuck in Cuba plus it was absolutely gorgeous so we were slammed with fraps. Bah… I can last till Thursday. I’m also feeling quite stressed about my birthday as not everyone has confirmed whether or not they are coming yet and I have to make reservations!!! Ugh, planning my birthday always makes me so stressed. I always worry if people will have fun or not and I know I said that I would not freak out and just enjoy myself but… yeah.

I am trying very hard to not think about it.

Going through my old Tumblr posts I came across some of my personal blogs on there and half of them I’m reading and I’m just like, “Who are these even about?! What is all of this dribble?!”

I always enjoy our mild flirtations when we interact with each other. It’s amusing and it puts a smile on my face that you actually care whether or not I go to these things. You’re a doll, even though I’d never tell you that to your face … seriously.

I am honestly puzzled. Oh well, I guess it’ll be one of the great mysteries of my life.

Also am finally done with Twin Peaks. I’m going to go back to watch it again haha. I wish Lara Flynn Boyle had reprised the role of Donna in Fire Walk With Me. Even though Donna got hella annoying by Season 2, she is still less annoying than the Donna in FWWM. And that’s saying something.

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