Today is my last day of being twenty-four.

Twenty four. 24. XXIV.

I can’t really describe how I’m feeling, I don’t really feel anything? I’m not overly excited that tomorrow is my birthday or my party or anything… I mean it only lasts about two days and then that’s it ha. I don’t know why I look forward to this day and stack so much expectation on it when time has proven that in the end it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s the blowing out the candles-making a wish part that I kind of hold out for. Even though I know better I can’t help but hope that maybe it might work?

Oh well. Knowing myself, I’ll probably feel totally different tomorrow.

What even happened my twenty-fourth year?!

It wasn’t a bad year, I ate at really good restaurants, had some fun times with my friends, watched a movie in a park, went to London, bought a lot of stuff, gave a lot of stuff away, got really high and really low… My parent’s restaurant is finally leaping off the ground, my relationship with my mother has improved tremendously…

Saw the Girls a record number of times this year. Not just regulated to holidays/birthdays but random times in between.

This time last year… I was excited because I had a crush on JW and I started writing again. In fact this time last year we were finally starting to have normal conversations and then tomorrow on my birthday was when he would show me his writing and give me his number and I saw a psychic lol. I had one of those birthday parties where you don’t really remember anything the next day. Strangely, the most persistent memory is of being on Janet’s balcony and the cold air feeling really good and Asher teaching me how to smoke a cigarette.

… Right. Also smoked a few cigarettes last year. Don’t care for them at all.

I think, I can say this with all honesty, that from twenty-two on wards; my life gets consistently better.

And that’s something to be thankful for.

Things that I’m looking forward to for my twenty-fifth year:

– EUROPE!!!!!!
(Although I’m still freaking out about money. But I believe I can make it. Please God let me make it.)

– Possibly going to Ryerson in September?!
(Again, please God, please God, please God.)

Ha, I think that’s it to start with. Which is actually pretty sweet.

I’ve blogged myself back to happiness. Now all I gotta do is make my reservation at Scaddabush.

Upcoming events:

  • April 3: My birthday! Where, according to tradition, I shall drink a whole bottle of champagne.
  • April 4: My birthday party! Good food and roller skating. \o/
  • April 5: ~My second birthday~ A more intimate gathering where I can give back to those that gave so much to me.
  • April 6: Brunch at Skin & Bones with the Girls
  • April 9th Grace’s birthday!!!

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