Woo… what a crazy weekend!!!

Gonna do this backwards just because!

Ahh… I legitimately just came back from my first Sunday brunch! Well, I’ve had brunch before but I’ve never got to on a Sunday because I’m always at my mom’s… but a little baby lie freed me up for a few hours. I went to Skin + Bones with Helen, Amy, Marko and a few of Helen’s cousins. I’d heard of Skin + Bones before from Janet, I think she wanted to do a birthday there?? But anyways, this is kind of a big deal because I have seen Helen and Amy more than the usual amount of times a year so yay! Good news all around!

And some damn good food too, omg.


Porchetta Benedict!



I had the porchetta benedict and that has upped the ante on eggs benedict in a big, big, big way. It was just this huge slice of porchetta on cheddar polenta and hollandaise~ The polenta, egg, and hollandaise mixed together so it was so creamy and rich, but not overly rich that I felt my arteries clogging but it was just perfect! The porchetta itself was crispy and juicy.

For three extra dollars you can add the ploughman’s buffet to your main! It was charcuterie style with chorizo, bierwerst and assorted cheeses along with granola, yogurt, scones, muffins, perserves.

Helen’s cousins went HAM on that buffet haha it was so funny. They kept going back and back, it was so great. Everyone around them was just looking at the buffet like “What’s left?!” and our waitress looked terrified haha.

So, yesterday finally the day of Janet’s engagement! Not my second birthday! Ha, I had to make up that lie to stop her from going to London and also to make sure that she booked it off. I also forgot that Janet reads my blog (hi Janet, you can know the whole story now!) so yes, lies on lies on lies.

Petr and I had been planning this for quite some time actually. I think it started from about December when he first proposed over Skype haha. Then when I emailed him my congratulations we came up with the idea to do a “real” one so Janet can have her memento photos and all her friends can be there too. Originally it was going to be an airport proposal but that would have been a bit hectic to co-ordinate plus Petr wasn’t totally into that idea. After a few back and forths as to when he’d actually land here we settled on April 5th.

Originally Janet was going to pretend that my birthday party was her engagement party but then I figured if we did it on the 5th and invited her friends we could go out for dinner afterwards it would double as her engagement party so it’d be good for the application process as well.

Afterwards I created a Facebook event to invite her Toronto friends and get in touch with Lidia and Mary K who have known her since childhood so they can also get in touch with her other London friends as well. The plan was to have all the people there that were there to witness Janet’s life as she grew into the woman she is today!!! More skulduggery to get Sinny’s number under the pretense of “birth control and Prague”.

Nearing the day of, I got this frantic text from Petr about Janet making brunch plans with her friend Mary- Crazy GD friend. (Ha, that’s how she always describes her, and that’s how I know her as, we have not met yet ahh now I’m scared to.) So then Petr had to wait for Janet to fall asleep before he could steal her phone so we could get Mary’s number.

Ha, what followed was an awkward exchange in where I apologized over and over for being a total asshole and forgetting to invite her to this and then maybe seeing if she could cancel the brunch thing. But when Mary said she was only available for two hours it all worked out because this way Petr could cajole Janet into taking a walk easier if after they ate. I knew Friday and Saturday was going to be hectic so on the Thursday I was done work early so I could run around doing my weekly chores, and buy the balloons and check out some flowers for Saturday. Ha, it’s also a birthday tradition for me to drink a whole bottle of champagne with Janet so as she was texting me I had to keep saying that I was exhausted and would be in bed by 7 so there was really no point in us doing anything…

Obviously, I did get to drink a whole bottle though! It felt really good after all that work ha… and then I learnt to dance to dubstep. Which you just kind of thrash your body around.

Friday was my birthday party!! We went to Scaddabush by Yonge and Gerrard at 7. I figured we would be able to eat in an hour and then be off on the GO to the rink but then I forgot that I am always late, so everyone else will be late.. but I was on time! Thanks to this cab driver that played me “happy birthday” in the car ha. And also tried to have me commit to having him drive all of us to Sauga and back. Um no. None of us have that kind of money. I had to give a fake number so he would go away.

The place was really cute! But because it’s so big, everything echoes and the music was way too loud. Helen, Marko, Caroline, Ryan, Hang, Andrea, Janet and Petr made it to dinner.



I got the zucca, which was butternut squash ravioli, grated Grana Padano cheese, hazelnut butter cream sauce, roasted squash, and fried sage. It was really good. It wasn’t too rich like some cream sauces were so I was happy. Marko and Petr had their pizzas and they came with this cool one sided scissor thing to help cut the pieces. Helen and I split a pitcher of their Sangria which was SO good. It had Limoncello and Pinot Grigo in it ahh.


Hi Ryan!

I also got their tartufo on the house which was fun. I think I just really loved the sparkler to be honest ha.

It was past nine at this point so we all had to book it to Union ASAP and after frustrating the ticket lady, (sorry, sorry, sorry) we missed our train and had to wait about 20 minutes for the next one. Petr’s and mine cover was almost blown because at College Janet said to Helen, “See you tomorrow?” and Helen was all, “What? What’s happening tomorrow?” I had to quickly hug Helen again to stop them from talking.

First time in forever on the GO train! It was nice, riding with Andrea, Janet and Petr. We made it in twenty minutes and the rink was right outside so we got in and paid for our skate rentals and stuff and ran into Mei and Kevin who had been there for awhile. (Sorry again!)

So… I figured roller skating would be pretty wasy since I’ve skated before but of course, the first time I stepped into the rink I immediately fell. Yuppppppp.

Andrea, predictably took to it pretty well as soon as she could, Kevin was just showing off dancing around and stuff while I tried desperately not to fall again. There were a lot of little kids who were great except for this one chick who was obviously just showing off. Ugh.

The most surprising thing was getting Janet to actually get on the rink and do physical activities. I’ve never heard her scream so loudly or grip my hands so tightly hahahahaha. I will appreciate it forever. Every time we tried to pull her forward a little bit she would scream, “IT’S TOO FAST, IT’S TOO FAST!”

All in all, I didn’t fall again and I could go around in a small circle and I made it through which was great. I plan to conquer this skating thing. I really enjoyed it, the music was so good it’d be such a cute place for a date! It has reminded me of my forgotten love of some of Ne-Yo’s songs, especially “Because of You”.

Luckily we got a ride back with Kevin, and we all managed to squeeze into his mini cooper. His driving makes Janet look safe. There were a few times where he would go “Oh can I do this? OH WELL, already doing it!” We made it back in one piece though.


The proper way to lace your skates. (c) instagram.com/kevinstefan


This looks like romance, but we’re really just screaming in pain and fear.


Me, Andrea and Kevin!

To be honest, I was kind of worried that my birthday would all end up in shambles because of timing issues but it all ended up really great because I’m so lucky to have amazing people in my life. I love you all!!!



All the presents I got were travel themed this year which was amazing and thoughtful and perfect and I love everyone a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot.

So! Next day was ~JANET’S ENGAGEMENT~ I woke up with a POUNDING head ache. I was mildly worried about whether or not I had a concussion because I was about 95% sure that I didn’t hit my head when I fell last night, but I did fall on my back so…

I was really freaking out that day because her balloons look deflated and when I went to buy the flowers they didn’t have peonies and practically all the lilies were closed so I had to hunt until I found some open ones. Everyone gave me funny looks in the grocery store and the bus… I guess because I was carrying the heart-shaped balloons and the flowers… ha.

So, anyways I got there at around 2, and waited for everyone to get there which was about three… so we went to the park and thought we had to wait about ten minutes but it ended up being half an hour. It was so cold!!! We couldn’t communicate with Petr unless he had Wi-Fi, so I casually started texting Janet to see how ramen went, and what she was doing before my “second” birthday, and casually mentioning that I thought I might have a concussion and tried to let Petr know subliminally that my head hurt because I was cold because I AM WAITING OUTSIDE FOR JANET.

We were looking in the wrong direction a lot and at one point someone said, “I SEE THEM!” And I thought the plan would be for them to just walk and come upon us but everyone wanted to hide so we started running towards the two pine trees, and someone yelled, “Not that one! The bigger one in the back!”

We were all trying to peer through the branches to see if we could see them but it turned out to be a false alarm. So we went back, and then I was just gazing around and saw Petr and Janet coming up the opposite way so we quickly ran off behind the tree again, and Mary was yelling at us to “PIVOT! PIVOT!” Josh suggested we should have a romantic song playing and asked me what was her favourite and I figured it’d be something Justin Bieber, I heard Beyonce’s Halo suggested, Lidia said Frank Sinatra and Ryan was like, “She likes Solange! I’ll play that.”

By this time Janet and Petr had stopped in front of the tree so I just popped out and was like “Hey…” ha the look on Janet’s face… you’d think it would be shock but she was just like, “What the fuck…” “What are you doing here?” And as Lidia, Mary, Josh, Andrea and Ryan just slowly popped out she was very, very, very, very confused. My heart-shaped balloons with wedding bells didn’t give anything away, she seriously thought that I bought them for myself and was judging me for it.

It was such a hyper blur of activity that I can’t even remember how it all came about or when it clicked in for Janet that she was being proposed to right now and I think it was that moment that it became real for me too. I know we were all laughing and the sun was shining and it was a little windy and we were all crowded around them but suddenly Petr and Janet were facing each other and he was saying that he loved her and wanted to cook for her (I heard love her but let’s face it, that’s the same thing) for the rest of his life.

It was so quiet and so loud all at the same time and that doesn’t even make sense but that’s how it was. Ha, I almost wanted to cry but no one else was so… I wasn’t going to haha.

Then he was asking her if she would marry him and I think Janet nodded but he just handed the box over that I remember him being so excited about because it was so pretty and it had a ribbon and everything. They weren’t sure which finger it was supposed to go on and we’re all yelling (or were we just using our normal voices?) “LEFT! LEFT!”

And then they hugged and kissed and we were all hugging and holy crap Janet is ENGAGED. She has a rock on her finger!

Ha, at this point she still had to ask if I really was having a second birthday where we got to reveal our other surprise that we were going to go to Jules Bistro for her engagement party!


The lilies and a good shot of her ring ha. (c) instagram.com/andiekapi


It’s official!!! (c) instagram.com/jdplayto

Then we went back to Tim Horton’s because our reservation was at 5:30 where Petr and I revealed our elaborate plan. Petr was nervous and stressed all day, Janet just thought he was sick and tried to cancel but Petr was all, “No! No we are going to ramen!” and then afterwards Janet wanted bubble tea so they went for it and Petr was getting nervous about the time haa and was frantically trying to find wi-fi to see how long it would take to get to the park.


Steak frites <33

Janet’s engagement dinner was at Jules’ Bistro, which I also had to lie about pretending I was going to have dinner with my friend and needed a recommendation. Even though she knows I had a list and bought that I “lost it”.

Jules’ Bistro is really cute inside, and it’s kind of an open concept kitchen so you could see them make everything and it all smelt sooooo good. Our waiter was hella hot. He looked like a heavily bearded mustachioed Jude Law. And he had an accent~ and spoke pretty French and ahhh I love him. Everything sounded so good but they have a really great prix fixe menu for 25$!

It was a good time, everyone had good food and Janet and Petr persisted on being awkward children as Lidia tried to take a million pictures of them ha. I might update this post later when Lidia makes her album.

Afterwards we went our separate ways and explored Mary’s new neighbourhood and went to this pub called the Dark Horse after taking a lot of photos on Mary’s insanely comfortable bed. Memory foam is a miracle!


Anyways, here’s a little reminder from Jules’ Bistro and it is true~ Ha, next weekend seems a bit mundane after this week but I have Grace’s birthday so it shall be exciting as well!!

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