So, it recently hit me that I’m going to be in Europe in THREE MONTHS.

And I’m starting to get really, really, really, really nervous and stressed out.

Is that the same thing? No, no it isn’t I’m just actually going crazy. Okay, Cat, let’s sort it out.

I’m nervous because I’m going to be on my own in a foreign land and everyone says I’m going to have a great time and I believe them but a part of me is still like, “What if you don’t? What if you just end up meeting really awful people and you wander Paris/Rome etc. alone and spend time in your hostel liking things on Tumblr?!”

The whole point of this trip (besides Janet’s wedding) was for me to branch out as a person and be more open and not edit myself so much before I say things but what if I can’t shake that off?!

So yes, that’s what I’m nervous about. But, but, but I did make a list of rules for myself in my journal and I’ll just post them here because this is public and someone will hold me accountable.

  1. Take as many pictures of anything that I want. Even if it’s ten pictures of the view from outside my window. Share all of them and love all of them because this is my trip.
  2. Be in as many or all photos as I can. Do not care about how you look.
  3. Befriend everyone.
  4. Never spend a day inside the hostel. GO OUT. Except if it’s a monsoon.
  5. If I’m feeling too shy to do something, or if I encounter something that I would never do at home – JUST DO IT. If the consequence is only a feeling; go for it.
  6. Don’t do drugs.
  7. Don’t be afraid to be honest.
  8. Remember: You’re in Europe!
  9. Just show up.

Okay, feeling slightly better but onto why I’m stressed: Money. (As always.)

Totally have not booked my flight ticket home from Prague yet, or bought my Euro rail pass yet and I’m getting really freaked out about how much money I’m going to have by then. Everyone says I can get by on 100 euros a day, but I’m going during peak season. I know I’m not going to be going clothes shopping or anything, I’ll mainly be walking around and seeing the sights and stuff.

Okay, so my ticket home from Prague, the cheapest I’ve found is 577. KLAJSDF MY PARIS TICKET WAS ONLY 499!!!!!! And I’m just going home! Toronto peak season is over! Bahh. But the plus side is that I’m 25 so I just made it in time to get 35% off of my EUpass, but that’s still like another 500 and I have to book that soon or I lose out on the one free travel day promotion. Okay so that’s 1000$ and in 3 months I think I can definitely save at least 3300 by my trip. Which is only 2100 euros so that’s only 70 euros a day. And if my hostel is about 30 euros a night that gives me 40 euros to spend which should be enough. Right? Right? Oh my goddddddddddddddddd.

Okay, I can probably save a bit more if I do not go out at all for three months. Which is doable but probably not enjoyable. But It’s either that or I go through more of these break downs and I really can’t take it anymore.

I just have to keep things in perspective. I could go buy all the books at BMV (that 50-90% off sale though!), I can go to Lana del Rey, HAIM and Iggy Azalea or I CAN GO TO EUROPE. I can go to the food truck festival or I CAN GO TO EUROPE. I can buy this book or I CAN GO TO EUROPE.

I’m coming back to Toronto anyways and there’s always something to do here. But I can’t just jet off to Europe anytime I want so…

lol wow I actually feel more calm.

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