Morning y’all~

This is the first time in awhile where I’ve had a super late, late shift (3:30 pm) and a closing shift at that. But it’s time and a half and I’m closing with Tsering so it’ll be easy peasy. She’ll have to remind me how to close again.

I can’t seem to find a Tuesday shift, I’m looking for a morning one (mornings, mornings only!!) because I have an early shift on Wednesday. Thank God I’m no longer (next week at least) on that early morning, late evening grind. So if I can’t find a Tuesday shift I’ll just steal a Monday closing shift.

I slept in a lot today… well, for me sleeping in means I woke up at 7 then went back to bed and woke up at 8:30 and I have hours and hours to kill before work, nowhere to go so why not blog some more?!  😛

But seriously, I have things to get sorted for my upcoming trip to Europe and it helps me to write things out so I don’t send myself into a panic attack.

I’m getting excited, I’ve bought my train pass and will buy my ticket home tomorrow. I have a 20 hour layover in Frankfurt and was really excited about spending a day exploring the city (another place to visit for 17 bucks? Bargain!) but after talking to Vitali, a customer I actually enjoy, he said that the airport is super far from anything, even the city. I was super dismayed to hear this, who wants to be stuck for 20 hours in an airport?! Food is overpriced and knowing myself, I’ll have checked my laptop and the battery for Kobora will die.

I did some more research and found that what Vitali said wasn’t true and I could take a bus from the airport for 1€ (still cheaper than taking the TTC ugh.) And I can make it into the city! I don’t fancy that I’ll spend the night there lol and if anything I’ll just sleep in the airport. It’ll probably be uncomfortable but hey, it’s an experience!

Everything is finally taking more solid form. I think what would have helped me a lot earlier is if I could have purchased my tickets right away. But then again, the fluctuating price of tickets goes up and down all the time (my Paris ticket already went up $100!!!) so it can’t be helped.

I’m flying from Toronto to Paris and spending about a week there, then taking the train down to Marseille and from there to Nice and into Monaco. And from there down into Venice then Cinque Terre and then Rome! From Rome to Greece and Greece to Prague!

I’m still working out the nitty gritty for Greece (like which islands I want to visit) but on the whole I can envision my trip a lot more clearly.

Before my trip I have to:

  • Get a haircut
  • Go get a teeth cleaning
  • A wax 😛
  • Buy padlocks (for my luggage, I have none)
  • Buy 1 pair of flip flops
  • Buy 1 pair of sneakers or flats. Probably sneakers. Most likely Keds.
  • Buy a swim suit
  • Get a travel kit thing for my toothbrush etc.
  • A water bottle (preferably one of those ones you can roll up)
  • Those things where you can stuff clothes in, suck the air out and make it smaller

I’m still not sure what clothes to pack… I know some people tend to over pack with lots of different outfits but when they get there they find that they only wear a few or use multiple ones everyday. So far all I have in mind is:

  • My two maxi skirts
  • Denim vest
  • 4 tank tops
  • 3 t-shirts
  • shorts
  • pants
  • undies
  • pjs
  • a casual dress
  • a cardigan

Which I think is enough… oh wait, I have to choose a dress (or maybe buy one) for Janet’s wedding too. So, all in all… I think that’s all I have to pack. I won’t have to buy  much as I already have so much of it already. (Unless I miraculously lose more weight and nothing fits. Doubtful.)

Ha… August is probably going to be the most exciting time for this blog. After that, it’ll all be over guys. Sorry about it.

9:37 am:

Shoot… I have a new email in my Ryerson account. Could this be another filler email or will it hold an acceptance (please, please, please God) or a rejection. (Most likely.) Gahhh I don’t even want to open it.

10 am:



I can’t believe this is happening. I never actually thought I could or would get IN. LKSDJFADJ. I have until April 26 to confirm so I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get an acceptance from my first choice by then?


I have to pay 1000$ deposit ._. by July 4th. That’s… my Europe money. Will I get OSAP by then? What if I don’t get OSAP? KJDSK.

Ah, I have to ask the financial aid offices because there was a notice that the deposit cap should only be 500?



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