Hey guys!

Sorry for my absence in the blogosphere, I wish I could say I was off doing terribly exciting things but that would be a lie.

The past two weeks have been Frappucino Happy Hour which is one of the worst things in the world, second to Treat Receipt. If any of you follow my Twitter (@ellocatty btw) you’ll see some choice tweets about my horrible time with that.


30 minutes into frappy hour…

I just don’t understand the amount of stupid questions we get daily. “Does a Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappucino taste the same as a mocha frappucino?” OBVIOUSLY NOT. And when I said “No” (really bluntly because ugh stupid question is stupid) the customer asked, “What does the Caramel one taste like? What’s the difference?”


That is my face at work… a lot. Except when management is around and then I’m 8D as my soul dies a little more inside.

Speaking of work, I got a second job!!! I really, really, really, want to blog about it but I’m going to wait until I quit (which will be at the end of July) because this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever done. Just talking about it is a whole post unto itself and I actually just had my first training session today so I’m going to just start that post and I’ll put it up when I’m done with it forever.

I mainly got this second job to supplement my income because a) school b) Europe. It’s good money doing relatively easy work and is much, much, much more than what I’m currently getting paid hourly at work.

I heard about this job from my co-worker Ama one night and I decided to bond with her and my first question was, “So, Ama, what was your first job?” and then she told me about this job she had when she was 17 and made $19/hour. Obviously I had to jump on it, and I did and now I have it!! The pay has gone down like three bucks though but still way, way, way more than what I’m currently making.

Also just applied to work election day here which is like $15/hour and only a couple days in June so why not?

Anyways, here are some photos of Ama and I fooling around with the Oprah head we got as part of the promotional set up in our store.

915418_1420891351506041_1208385553_n (1)10296632_683956191664183_19461731_n

Unfortunately, we don’t have it anymore because it brought me so much joy our district manager didn’t think it had anything to do with our display of chips and stuff. Blah. A lot of the #OprahSelfie on Instagram are hilarious! This is the greatest piece of promo material we have ever gotten. The Oprah Chai itself is really good though, I like it better than our regular chai it’s more cinnamony and sweet.

This blog is not endorsed by Starbucks and/or Teavana.

Ahem. What else has been happening…

Oh! I went to Nadege with Anushkah and Tsering a couple weeks ago. It was their first time and we went to cheer up Anushkah who’s been having a hard time lately. She’s asked me to be a nice person about it because if I don’t it’ll reflect badly on her which I guess is true but ugh… I’m glad I moved from Blogger to WordPress now so that Masawe can’t see my blog because if I could I would ban him from reading it because he is a DICK.


Smoked salmon, cucumber, dill and cream cheese with a cappuccino macaron!

But! If you know me than you know that comforting people isn’t really my forte. I give awkward pats and stand around awkwardly. However, I think I’ve improved a lot and I give Anushkah a lot of hugs and back rubs and good advice I think. It just really sucks when your friend is in a world of hurt and you really don’t know what to say. I’ve never been in this situation before so I kind of feel out of my element but oh well.

Afterwards Tsering bought some Tibetan beef patties for us to try and they’re really good! But really messy. They’re filled with like soup inside so you have to watch it doesn’t get all over you. I’ll know next time.

Erm… what else, what else… last Friday Janet and I used our free movie tickets to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and I lovelovelovelovelovelovelove it!!! It was really funny, heartwarming and beautifully shot.


A customer of mine had been urging me to see it for a month now, so I finally had the chance to go and it’s one of my favourite movies that I’ve seen this year. I think my top three so far (in the order I’ve seen them) is:

  1. About Time
  2. Her
  3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it! It’s a great, quirky Wes Anderson movie. If anything the set design/costumes alone are worth it.

Afterwards we were craving burgers and since I had just done tips and hadn’t been out to a restaurant in ages we decided to treat ourselves! We went to TOMA Burger Addiction and it was phenomenal!!!


The Wild Life with Toma Poutine

The restaurant was really nice and spacious and as an added bonus they were playing Face/Off on all the TVs lol. Janet and I both really enjoy Face/Off even though a lot of people think it’s a silly movie.

We both ended up getting The Wild Life burger which was angus beef, mushroom compote, balsamic glaze, arugula, double smoked bacon and truffle mayo. Not going to lie the big draw was the truffle mayo… anything with truffles and I want it.

The burger was AMAZING. It was so juicy, everything came together perfectly and I have to say that I have never, ever raved about a burger bun until this place. They make all of them in house and they are so soft and fluffy and perfect and now I want a burger. Great.

We also got the Toma poutine to share which had truffle olive oil (of course), bacon and caramelized onions. Their fries were amazing too. Everything was great! I want to go backkkk.

Huh… so I guess I did lie… a lot of things did happen while not exciting were quite fun. Anyways I have to get back to my OSAP application, I do have a couple posts queued for next week so have a great weekend guys!!!

xx Cat

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